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Minutes of a meeting held on 25 November 2019 at The Scout Hut, Goudhurst at 8.00 pm

PRESENT: Cllrs Phil Kirkby (Chairman), Craig Broom, David Knight, Mrs Jayne Russell and 

Advisers:  Mrs Jacqui Clark BEM (1st Goudhurst Scout Group), Mr Steve Hope (Goudhurst Dynamos junior FC), Mrs Emily McKay (both Back Lane Play Area Group).

APOLOGIES:  Were received from Cllr Antony Harris and Mrs Laura Freear.


Cllr Mrs Jayne Russell declared an interest in the item relating to the refurbishment of the play area equipment. 


Mrs Andrea Kirkby, a resident of Goudhurst and volunteer with the Blend group at St Mary’s Church raised concerns about three cases of suspected drug taking by children as young as 12 in the village over the past month. There is also concern about possible drug dealing taking place on Back Lane. Mrs Kirkby informed the committee that the police have been notified and that St Mary’s Church was planning to host a drug awareness talk for young people. It was agreed that Clerk should write to the local Police Inspector to make him aware of the situation and to request a more visible police presence in the area also to contact the local PCSO, Dave Jenkins.

1st Goudhurst Scout Group.  

Mrs Jacqui Clark informed the committee that 3 members of the Scout Group had been selected to attend Eurojam 2020, the European Scout Jamboree at a cost of £1400 per person. The debt outstanding on the extension to the Scout Hut is now down to £8k.  

Goudhurst Dynamos juniors FC.  

Mr Steve Hope reported that the youth team have been unable to play for the past 5 weeks due to waterlogged pitches caused by the unseasonably wet weather. It was noted that the Dynamos have approached the Kilndown Millennium Green committee with a view to playing on the Millennium Green until the Upper Glebe is usable, the request has been refused as the Green is currently waterlogged but the committee may reconsider this decision later in the season.  

Back Lane Play Area by the Church Rooms 

Emily McKay informed the committee that 405 votes had been cast in the play area design survey. Design B (Wicksteed) received the most votes with 140 and design C (Che Build and Design) 131 votes. It was agreed that designs A and D, receiving 52 and 82 votes respectively, should be discounted. It was noted that the cost for design B was higher than design C as it included an allowance for 115 Matta tiles to extend the play area and to replace those under the existing equipment. The quote also includes a post installation inspection which can instead be carried out by the Council’s contracted RPII inspector. The committee discussed the need for public liability insurance at a minimum of £10,000,000 and design indemnity insurance. It was agreed that Mrs McKay would contact Che Build and Design to ascertain the level of their insurance liabilities and for details of previous play area projects so that testimonials may be sought. It was agreed that the decision on a recommendation to council would be discussed at the end of the meeting.

Play Area Surface.

Cllr Mrs Jayne Russell confirmed that work to replace the damaged tiles in the play park is due to take place on 29 November and should be completed within the day. 

Play Area Inspections

It was agreed that Clerk should take professional advice from our contractor on how often the Play Area should be inspected. 

Litter Bin in the Play Area.

The Clerk has contacted the Town Hall with a view to getting the bin in question emptied regularly under the TWBC contract; this will be in exchanged for the old concrete bin in Balcombes Hill car park which will be removed.  It was noted that the Town Hall are not willing to alter the current contract until the new year. 

Upgrading the surface of the Upper Glebe (Village Green).  

It was noted that the resurfacing work on the Upper Glebe has been hampered by the unseasonably wet weather and it is now unlikely to be reseeded before the spring. The Councillors were asked by Mrs Jacqui Clark if a contingency was in place for the Village Fete, due to take place in June 2020. It was agreed that, should the organising committee request the use of the Chequer field as an alternative venue, the committee would recommend to Council that permission be granted.

Project to eradicate flooding on the path in the north east corner of the Upper Glebe

It was noted that work had been carried out to improve drainage on the path which has solved the problem. Additional work is needed to improve drainage further along the path, to the west of the re-laid section, the contractor is scheduled to carry this work out in the coming weeks. 

Hedge along the Vicar’s driveway adjoining the Play Area.  

It was noted that 3 metres of hedge, either side of the pedestrian gate, has been removed and the remaining hedge cut down to improve sightlines. It was further noted that the fencing contractor is scheduled to erect the new fencing and gates on 29 November, weather permitting.

The introduction of two new benches and litter bins on the Upper Glebe.

Cllr Mrs Jayne Russell informed the committee that she was in discussion with Goudhurst and Kilndown Primary School about the possibility of moving a memorial bench installed at the school to the Upper Glebe along with the memorial bench currently situated in the play area. It was agreed to move this item to the Amenities committee. 


Shelter on the Village Green. 

Cllr Craig Broom circulated a briefing regarding the possibility of erecting a pavilion on the Upper Glebe field. It was agreed that, at this time, the play area should take priority. It was noted that money allocated for a pavilion has been budgeted for the 21-22 financial year.

Cllr Jayne Russell left the meeting at 9.20pm.

Back Lane Play Area by the Church Rooms 

After Cllr Mrs Jayne Russell left the meeting, the Committee reviewed the two remaining designs, B (Wicksteed) and C (Che Design & Build). It was noted that the Che Design & Build design carried a limited warranty of 5 years on all parts compared with a 15-year timber and 25-year metalwork guarantee from Wicksteed. It was further noted that Wicksteed are a well-established company of some 101 years who specialise in providing outdoor play equipment. It was agreed that the Youth Committee recommend to council that the Wicksteed design and quotation be accepted.

The meeting closed at 9.37 pm

The next Youth Committee meeting will be held on Monday 27 January 2019 at the Scout Hut. 

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