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Highways and Footpaths Committee October


GPC 12 November 2018, Item  6c

Minutes of a Meeting held on 23 October 2018 at the Jessel Room, Goudhurst

Present: Cllrs David Boniface (Chairman),  Chris Ditton, Antony Harris, Alan Foster, Mrs Susan Newsam and Guy Sutton.. 

6 Members of the Public.

Apologies were accepted from: Cllrs Mrs Angela Broom, Chris Ditton, Phil Kirkby and Guy Sutton.

Declarations of Interest.  None.

Highways and Parking

Speed Indicator Device (SID).  The Chairman of the Committee presented some results from SID produced data.  These were taken over a relatively short period.  Conclusions so far are that Cranbrook Road has higher speeds than North Road.  Speeds are generally two high.  Council will continue to deploy the SID to collect more data, and is considering establishing a SID pole on Chequers Road.

A21: Application to reduce the speed limit on A21:  Following the meeting on 22 August 2018 at Kilndown with a representative of Highways England, Council had followed up seeking a response in time for this meeting.  It was noted that the response was disappointing and few of the issues raised at the meeting had been properly addressed so far.  It was noted that local resident Mrs Ted Bennett had raised the issue of lowering the speed limit on the specific part of the A21 with Rt Hon Greg Clark MP at a recent MP’s surgery.  It was recommended to Council that the matter should also be raised with the Kent Police & Crime Commissioner with a request that Kent Police support a lowering of the speed limit on the relevant 2 mile stretch. 

The Reclassification of the A262.   It was noted that Council has submitted the formal application supported by the Socium Technical Report.  Kent Highways has acknowledged receipt and will respond to the Parish Council by the end of November 2018.   

Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) relating to HGVs:  It was noted that this ‘on hold’ for the time being pending the result of the Reclassification of the A262 application.

Liaison Meeting with Kent Highways Tunbridge Wells Area Manager.   This had been held earlier on 23 October with the Highways Steward for this area in attendance.  The result was a good understanding of the Highways perspective on road sign cleaning, vegetation overgrowing road signs on verges, faded white like markings, potholes and crumbling road edges, sunken manhole covers, highway drainage issues and winter gritting and snow clearance.  

Highway gritting in winter. It was noted that Kent Highways is unable to commit to gritting C106 Ranters Lane/Riseden Lane.  

Reporting Highways maintenance issues. Councillors were reminded of the advantages or reporting Highways maintenance issues through the KCC website.  Members of the public can join in as well.

The Mirror at Chequers Junction A262 with B2084.  It was agreed that Highways can remove it from that site.

North Road signs adjacent to Goudhurst Tennis Club.  It was noted that the Clerk is in contact with the relevant department at Kent Highways who will be carrying out a site survey in early November so as to give Council a quotation for the work.

Footpaths – PROW

WC26 at Trottenden.  The failing bridge over a ditch  has been repaired by Pete Watkins.

WC24 and WC25,   The Clerk will ask one of our Footpath volunteers to carry out a survey and report evident faults. 

The Millennium circular Walk between St Mary’s Goudhurst and Kilndown.  Various parts have been reported as in need of  maintenance.  Cllr Mrs Susan Newsam has identified two Kilndown residents who have volunteered to assist in identifying and fixing problems.

Hop Pickers’ Line: 

Hop Pickers’ Line information panels.  The Clerk is in touch with the owner of Finchcocks about positioning an information panel near the junction of the Finchcocks driveway and Station Road near where the Goudhurst Railway station was.

Electronic vehicle charging points.

Cllr Mrs Susan Newsam is investigation details of the power supply at Goudhurst Parish Hall as it is thought that somewhere close by  might be a suitable place to establish a charging point.

Model of Goudhurst Village.

A Councillor suggested that Council should commission the making of a scale model of Goudhurst Village so that solutions to traffic congestion can be considered.  Others pointed out that such exercises can be carried out by computer program modelling.   

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm 

Anthony Farnfield MBE

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