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Highways and Footpaths Committee August 2016

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Notes of a Meeting held on 23 August 2016 at the Jessel Room

Present: Cllrs David Boniface (Chairman), Mrs Angela Broom, Alan Foster, Antony Harris and

Guy Sutton.

 Apologies: Cllrs Phil Kirkby (holiday) and Sean Gilder (holiday).

Declarations of Interest.  None.

Footpaths – PROW

Walkers are Welcome.   Committee considered a draft text for insertion in the Parish Magazine encouraging support for an application for Walkers are Welcome (WaW) status. A successful application requires support from local residents and businesses and therefore this proposed entry in the Parish Magazine aims to encourage interested residents to make themselves known by emailing to Goudhust.wsw@hotmail.co.uk email. The proposed text was broadly supported and suggestions that were agreed were as follows:

i) Including in the Neighbourhood Development Plan and mentioned at the meeting on 10th September 2016 the aim to achieve the WaW status.

ii) Obtaining sponsorship from the relevant pubs and cafes as these businesses would benefit from increased walking.

iii) Seeking support from local dog walkers.

There will need to be a steering committee for WaW and so once a list of names has been obtained of those interested in supporting the venture a committee will be formed at a meeting of those volunteers.

Jamie and Becky at the Globe and Rainbow in Kilndown were thought to be very keen and should be approached directly,

Footpaths update 

Members noted a comprehensive report from the Clerk:

WC38 from Bray’s Alley to Ranters Lane. Cut back done, so file closed.

WC5 going from Stream Farm.  Pete Watkins (PW)  reports that he has done the first 40 yards or so to the 1st stile going east.

Permissive path at Little Meadow TN17 1EZ.  PW has installed the marker posts.

WC26A from the North Road bus shelter to Smith’s Lane.  PW has cleared the worst parts.  He reports that a fence along the path is leaning over.  This is a landowner’s responsibility.

WC27 from Goudhurst War Memorial to Smith’s Lane.  Reported to be overgrown in parts.  PW to action.

WC34 across the lower Glebe Field.  Much improved since the field has been mown by a volunteer.  No action required.

WC31. Partly bricked path across St Mary’s Churchyard.  Needs attention due to potential slips and trips.  Clerk is seeking advice on the best remedy.

WC43/WC44 junction south of David Nichol’s residence towards Smugley.  Marker post down.  PW  has installed a replacement post.  File closed.

WC1 at Curtisden Green going west from the Marden Road.  PW has strimmed it back.  File closed.

WC32 at the steps from Tiddymotts to Back Lane.  PW has replaced a rotten handrail post so that is it now firm.  File closed.

WC15 east from Bakers Corner.  Reported to be completely blocked by a walker to KCC who has declined to do anything about it pleading budget restrictions!  PW has subsequently carried out substantial work to clear.  Agreed to recommend to Council that the Clerk contacts our County Member to check if there is to be any planned devolution of PROW maintenance to the Parishes.

Land east of Mile Lane that strikes off in an easterly direction to join the A262 Cranbrook Road.

Is this a disused Right of Way?  The Clerk will check with Kent County Council.


Footway along Station Road between Lurkins Rise an Ranters Lane opposite Smiths Lane and Bell Farm.  Big cut back by Kent Highways done.  Local residents very pleased.  File closed.

Footway along Station Road, south side.  Hedges needed a cut back and they have been done.  

A262 Station Road.   Volunteers have come forward and proposed cutting a path on a small piece of land/vegetation on the South verge along A262 behind the line of bollards west of the big ‘Reduce Speed Now’ sign.  The Clerk has written to KCC asking for their agreement for us to proceed with this work. A new suggestion which was welcomed was that the Parish Council should offer to buy this piece of land from Kent County Council. Recommend to Council that the Clerk be asked to put this forward to KCC


Traffic Survey on A262 Cranbrook Road.     The Traffic Count was carried out from 22 June 2016 for 7 days, the same week as the previous count from 2009.  The greatest percentage of vehicles exceeding the 30 mph limit is on Saturdays and Sundays.  Between 4% and 5% of vehicles are travelling above 40 mph.  The figures are broadly similar to those in 2009.  In general far too much traffic travelling past Beaman Close (the entrance to the Primary School) is exceeding 40 mph.

The Highways & Footpaths Committee will consider carrying out a further survey at the same week in 2017 to measure whether the introduction of a Speed Indicator Device (SID) has any effect

Bethany School Traffic Calming. It was noted that Cllrs Antony Harris and David Boniface had attended a meeting at the school on 23 August 2016.  Various proposals were put forward by the Consultant acting for the School.  30 local residents were present and there was general agreement amongst them that the speed limit could be reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph in Curtisden Green Lane.  There should be no ‘raised platform’ in the road and no other traffic calming measures as proposed.

Speed Indicator Device (SID).  Kent Highways have requested the Parish Council to provide the proposed locations of the poles on which the portable SID can be mounted.  This committee proposes that there should be one either side of the entrance to Beaman Close on A262 Cranbrook Road.  One in North Road to calm northbound traffic has not been agreed for recommendation to Council but the Chairman of this Committee will contact a local resident who represents those living in North Road for further discussions.  Another potential site is on Balcombes Hill southbound..  Cllr Alan Foster agreed to liaise with Highways Traffic Engineers when they visit Goudhurst to discuss sites.


School Buses.  It was noted that Hams Travel is to take over the Arriva school bus services from Goudhurst to Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells with the start of the 2016/17 school year.

Hop Pickers Line.

Cllrs David Boniface and Mrs Angela Broom have agreed to draft applications for local listing of the remaining railway infrastructure before the next meeting of the Hop Pickers Line Group on 18 October 2016.



Notes of a Meeting held on 28 June 2016 at the Jessel Room

Present: Cllrs David Boniface (Chairman), Mrs Angela Broom and Sean Gilder.

 Apologies: Cllrs Alan Foster, Phil Kirkby and Guy Sutton.  Also Antony Harris (ex-officio)..

Declarations of Interest.  None.

Footpaths – PROW

Walkers are Welcome.   This is a nation wide organisation which awards this status to Towns and Parishes that are particularly attractive and encourage both visiting and local walkers.  In Kent, Elham near Canterbury, Dover and Deal are members. The benefits to Goudhurst would be:

  1. That it would facilitate funding from KCC and/or TWBC for PROW work;
  2. It would form part of the Goudhurst offer to tourists which would appear on the Walkers are Welcome website
  3. Within Goudhurst it would encourage interest in our local PROW amongst local residents.

Annual membership is based on parish population figures; about £40 to £60 for Goudhurst.  Recommend to Council that GPC joins.

WC46 east of Trillinghurst.  Noted that Peter Watkins has carried out some good maintenance work. The signage in that area is to be improved: Chairman H&F Committee to action.

WC5A.  Noted that the ‘dumped’ galvanised kissing gate has been restored by KCC.  Outstanding signage matters on WC5A will be followed up by Chairman H&F Committee.

WC32 north from Tiddymotts Lane.  Pete Watkins has been asked to repair part of the handrail at the south end steps and Cllr Sean Gilder has kindly volunteered to strim round that area.

WC25 east from Lidwells.  Part of this PROW floods in winter.  Chairman Highways & Footpaths Committee will ask KCC for advice.

WC36 south from Culpepers to Bedgebury Road.  Needs to be strimmed back.

WC38 south from the end of Bray’s Alley to Clayhill.  Needs to be strimmed back.


A262 Station Road.   The committee agreed to look into the possibility of extending the grass footway on the south side further westwards to Bluecoat Lane ‘behind the bollards’ and will report further to Council. It was noted that Council will need permission to work on KCC land.

B2079 Lady Oak Lane.  It was noted that the Bedgebury Residents’ Association has put a proposal to establish a footway from Bedgebury Cross on the east side of the road as far as the main entrance to Bedgebury Forest. Chairman Highways & Footpaths Committee understands that the Forestry Commission is not able to support the proposal.  An alternative proposal from the Residents’ Association is to explore the possibility of a footway from Park Lane to Bedgebury Cross.

B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane: Reduced Speed Limit Signs.  It was noted that Kent Highways will install them on 22 August 2016.

B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane:  Beware Pedestrians signs.  It was noted that the exact location of the proposed ‘Beware Pedestrians’ signs will be agreed with Highways after 22 August.

B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane:  Horses.  It was noted that the Residents’ Association has asked for suitable ‘Horses’ signs to be introduced.  Chairman Highways & Footpaths Committee will investigate the feasibility and costs of this project.


Potholes.  The Clerk has informed the Chairman of the Highways & Footpaths Committee that he has received  complaints about the condition of the road surface on Balcombes Hill from the car park to Goudhurst High Street and also on A262 at The Plain by the War Memorial.

Automatic Traffic Count. Council Minute 080/16.  This was carried out on A262 Cranbrook Road between Beaman Close and the Weald Service Station from 21 to 28 June.  This was the same week that a similar survey was carried out in 2009 and should produce some useful comparative data.

Speed Indicator Device (SID).  Council awaits advice from Kent Highways on where the roadside poles, from which the portable SID will work, should be established..

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

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