Goudhurst Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

On Tuesday 12 November the Parish Council held a special meeting with the representatives of The Goudhurst Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan steering committee. The Plan is now in its final draft. After the public consultation, reviews will be carried out by the Borough Council and “sense checked” by an expert. It is now ready for approval by the Parish Council at its December 9 meeting after which it will be formally sent to the Borough. Subsequently it will go to an official inspector. A final Goudhurst public referendum will be held in the first part of 2020. A final draft of the Plan (now 82 pages long, plus supporting documentation for the inspector) will be available at the Parish Council HQ at the Hop Bine, Risebridge Farm (please phone first on 01580 212552) which is open most days.
The document can be downloaded at ndp.goudhurst.co.uk, the website for the Goudhurst Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan.