Goudhurst, Kent. A Wealden hill village

Council News November

Local Government for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtisden Green


at Goudhurst Parish Hall on Monday 13 November 2017 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT:  Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Alan Foster, Mrs Angela Broom, David Boniface, Mrs Susan Newsam, Barry Noakes, Guy Sutton and Stephen Wickham.

Also County Cllr Seán Holden until 8.00 pm.  19 members of the public.


240/17 were accepted from Mrs Rachel Washbourn (unwell).


241/17 The Chairman reminded Members of their responsibility for any Declarations of Interest on Agenda items for this meeting and for any changes to their Register of Interest Declarations.


242/17 It was resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 09 October 2017, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


243/17 In answer to a question from Mr Richard Bushrod, the Parish Council indicated that is has no policy on the proposed changes to the Parliamentary Constituencies as it affects this area.  The Chairman indicated that there was a strong feeling amongst the Tunbridge Wells Borough rural parishes that the separation of the Constituency from its Borough was regrettable, a view he shared. However, there will still be a strong link with Tunbridge Wells since there is to be no change in the Borough Council boundary.  It was noted that Goudhurst Parish will be part of the proposed new Mid Kent and Ticehurst Constituency. The Clerk will cascade details of the relevant government website relating to the proposed Parliamentary Constituency boundaries.

Mrs Barbara Stafford asked about the Goudhurst United FC junior footballers, the Dynamos, playing matches on the Village Green (the ‘top’ Glebe).  She suggested that the Parish Council should be represented on the Village Green Committee.  Council will consider this as and when the proposed lease agreement under negotiation is signed.


244/17 School transport.  Following Minute 175/17, Cllr Sean Holden reported that, after much lobbying, KCC had changed their policy and that children going to Cranbrook School will be able to use the school bus in conjunction with the High Weald Academy.  He will continue to campaign for a change in policy so that this problem does nor re-occur.

245/17 House Building. Cllr Sean Holden reported on outline  plans for 175,000 new homes to be built in Kent in the next 15 years.  Most of the new build will be in the Ashford and Folkestone areas.


The Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported:

246/17 Balcombes Hill Toilets.   Council has sponsored Mrs Laura Napper of Tenterden Twilight Commercial Cleaning Co, Council’s cleaning contractor, to enter the National ‘Loo of the Year Competition’.  Her company has been awarded the Gold Standard.  This is after only 18 months of being awarded the contract for the cleaning of our toilets.

247/17 Chequer Field Wildlife Protection Area.  Following Minute 210/17.   Cllr Stephen Wickham and the Clerk met Mr Peevor on site on 02 November together with Mr Steve Songhurst, the Chairman of the Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group and Council’s Groundsman, Mr Pete Bamford.  A simple Management Plan for the area was agreed with costs being minimal.

248/17 Goudhurst Pond De-silting.  Following Minute 211/17.  The necessary approvals have been received from the Environment Agency.  Our contractor has agreed that the work can start on 20 November and be finished within 5 days.


The Chairman of the Burial Board reported:

249/17 St Mary’s Floodlighting.  Following Minute 221/17.  It was noted that the replacement floodlights have been installed and are very successful..

250/17 Brick Footpath across St Mary’s Churchyard.  Minute 222/17.  It was noted that the Burial Board is seeking further advice and additional quotes.


The Chairman of the Highways & Footpaths (H&F) Committee reported:

251/17 Footway on A262 Station Road from Ranters Lane  junction to Bluecoats Lane Junction.  Following Minute 224/17.  The Clerk has received from KCC the details of a contractor who Council might approach to obtain a quote to build a boardwalk and steps at ‘the swale’.  We await the contractor’s availability for a site meeting.  The proposed meeting with the landowner is still outstanding.

252/17 Goudhurst Parish map for the Jessel Room.  It was resolved that a map, perhaps 1:10,000 should be introduced into the Jessel Room, and that further copies for display elsewhere would be cost effective.    The Clerk will follow up.

253/17 Grass cutting of the verge on the south side of Station Road.  Kent Highways has informed Council that this job is carried out between 01 June and 10 July annually.  As a result the Clerk will brief our contractor to give three cuts in 2018 in late March/early April, mid July and mid September so as not to clash with KCC’s cutting dates.

254/17 Hawkhurst severe traffic problems.  It was noted that that there had been a report in the Kent Messenger regarding a Kent Highways recommendation that there should be no further house building permissions granted due to the severe traffic problems there.  Members expressed the view that perhaps the same might apply to Goudhurst.  It was resolved that Chairman H&F Committee will raise the matter with County Cllr Seán Holden.

255/17 Village Gateways.   H&F Committee Chairman drew Council’s attention to the collapsible plastic versions that are now available. Some Members queried where such a gateway could be established at the west end of the A262 entry into Goudhurst where there is a lack of wide verges. Others did not look on plastic gateways with favour.  Members recalled the farce in 2009/10 when Highways approved a scheme and the wooden gateways were manufactured only for Highways to withdraw their approval.  The Chairman H&F Committee may submit a provision in the 2018/19 budget.

256/17 Electric Vehicle Charging Points.  Cllr Mrs Susan Newsam reported that Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has £2.5million available which is earmarked for residential use electric charging points. But under the right circumstances, this money can be used in public places. Council believes that Balcombes Hill car park on the north side of the toilet block would be a good site.  It was resolved that Cllr Mrs Newsam will pursue this with TWBC and if they are not willing to apply for a grant through the published channels, the Clerk will be asked to follow up.

257/17 Speed Indicator Device (SID).  Following Minute 185/17.  The Clerk has ordered through Kent Highways at a cost of £7,072.17 for an advanced Westcotec device with a data collection facility.  It was noted that the SID has a 10-12 week lead time from the order date. Depending on the decision as to who will move the SID from pole to pole and recharge the batteries, Chairman H&F Committee has provisionally proposed an arrangement whereby  the SID is moved by volunteers from the H&F Committee.

258/17 Proposal to obtain the downgrading of A262 to a B class road.   It was resolved that the Clerk with Cllr Guy Sutton is to formally apply for this downgrading.

259/17 Kent Highways Seminar held at Hadlow on 20 October 2017.  This was attended by Clerk and Cllr Mrs Broom. They reported that the overwhelming feature was the extent of the cuts to staff and budgets and the consequent reduction to services being provided.  The policy now is ‘Intervention & Safety Measure only’: potholes less that 50mm deep will not be filled. Among the questions asked was why doesn’t Kent Highways hand responsibility for tasks such as verge cutting to Parishes. Another question is how is Kent Highways going to cope with massive numbers of new houses given the extent of the cuts?

260/17 Hop Pickers Line.  It was resolved that Cllr Mrs Newsam will investigate funding for the Goudhurst information panels when given the go ahead by the Chairman of this group.

It was noted that there are plans to hold a presentation about the work of the Group at the Goudhurst Annual Parish Meeting on 17 April 2018.  It was noted that Cllrs Mrs Newsam and Boniface will meet Mr Lou Lizzi, the owner of the Green Cross Inn owner to discuss the location of one of the Goudhurst information panels in that area.   .


261/17 CCTV.  The Chairman of this Committee reported on a meeting held on 09 November.  It was noted that Mr Peter Rolington is to set up a ‘Community CCTV System’ company to provide CCTV facilities in the Parish and will gather investors under a tax advantageous scheme.  It was resolved to approve expenditure of £3,500 annum.to establish 7 cameras at a cost of £500 each in an initial phase.  The cameras will be supplied by a Dutch company who will also provide 24 hour surveillance.  Matters such as servicing the cameras and insurance have yet to be reconfirmed before a formal agreement is drawn up..  The Clerk will instruct Mr Rolington to proceed.


262/17 GUFC Junior Footballers (The Dynamos).  It was resolved to charge the Dynamos £700.00 for the use of Chequer Field for the 2017/18 season.

263/17 Goudhurst Explorers – 1st Goudhurst Scout Group.  It was resolved to agree a grant of £750.00 for the purchase of 3 Scouts tents for their field activities.

264/17 Blend – a new activity and youth group.  It was resolved to agree a grant of £900.00 towards the initial start up costs for this activity.


It was resolved to note the following Decisions from TWBC published in October 2017:

265/17   DECISIONS

17/01251 Brandfold Terrace Cottage North Road Goudhurst

Replacement of existing dwelling (alternative to 14/504374)

Granted permission

17/01942 The Granary Summerhill Goudhurst

Erection of a car lodge

Refused permission

17/02266 Lakeview Oast Three Chimneys Farm Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Alterations and extension to outbuilding including addition of first floor to create two storey outbuilding and erection of a tennis court

Application withdrawn

17/02319 5 Cliffe Cottages North Road Goudhurst

Single storey oak-framed orangery extension to rear with roof light

Refused permission

17/02543 Marlingate Granary Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent – Proposed single storey rear extension

Application withdrawn

17/02638 Old Orchard Chicks Lane Kilndown

Single storey rear and side extension with rooflights, alterations to fenestration including removal of full height window unit and replacement of existing door unit with bay window as well as some internal alterations

Granted permission

17/02725 Chicks Cottage Chicks Lane Kilndown

Single storey rea/side extension

Granted permission

17/02729 Royal Oak Garage London Road Flimwell

Erection of a storage building

Granted permission

266/17   APPLICATIONS considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee in October 2017 with representations here approved by Council:

17/02993 The Forge Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Change of Use of disused forge to single dwelling. Dwelling numbers do not increase on site due to the reconfiguration of existing buildings

Recommend approval

A well-conceived scheme which will have minimal impact on the locality and the AONB

17/03097 2 Church Cottages Church Road Kilndown

Insertion of dormer window to rear roof slope, provision of additional window to first floor rear and French doors to ground floor rear elevation

Recommend approval

The proposed changes are all to the rear elevation which can only be seen in long views.  The impact on the locality and the AONB is therefore minimal

17/03106 Zion Barn Ranters Lane Goudhurst

Retrospective – Extension of existing front porch with pitched roof

Recommend refusal.

This unauthorized change to the approved scheme introduces an excess of glass, which is out of character.

17/03122 St Mary’s Church High St Goudhurst

Advertisement – Replacement of existing freestanding dilapidated church notice board

Recommend approval

The impact of this proposal on the location and the Conservation area will be minimal.

17/03135 Bethany School Jarvis Lane Goudhurst

Removal/Variation of Condition 9 of 14/01305/FUL (Single storey swimming pool enclosure with associated external works) to allow use of the pool by local residents, primary schools and community groups

Recommend refusal

Condition 9 of 14/01305 was imposed for sound planning reasons and there has been no change in circumstances which indicate that it should be removed.   It has been pointed out that certain earth movement works which should have been carried out before the pool was used have not been carried out.   Goudhurst Parish Council requests that the compliance officer should look into this allegation and take any action that is necessary.

17/03146 Unit 3 The Stable Ladysden Farm Winchet Hill Goudhurst

Change of use of detached office building to a Podiatry and Sports injuries clinic

Recommend approval

Minimal impact on the locality or AONB. That a business is being created here is positive for the local economy but it will have a negligible effect on traffic volumes.

17/03216 Old Lime House Church Road Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent – Installation of a secondary glazed door

Recommend approval.

The neighbour’s comments have been noted.  Members considered that the glazed door covered in film has a minimal effect on the listed buildings, the locality and the conservation area. Since the glazed door is opaque the neighbour’s alleged loss of privacy is reduced. It was agreed the application be recommended for approval subject to the Conservation Officer’s opinion.

17/03246 The Granary Summerhill Goudhurst

Erection of cart lodge

Recommend approval

Of suitable design and construction.   This application will have little impact on the vicinity or the AONB. .

17/03256 Church House High Street Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent – Replacement gates

Recommend approval

The proposed new doors will weather nicely to compliment the main front door to the dwelling.  An improvement to the Conservation Area.

17/03285 Stream Farm House Summerhill Goudhurst

Retrospective – Change of use of outbuilding from residential to holiday let

Goudhurst Parish Council has no objection to this application.  However Members took the view that Highways should give an opinion on a potential increase in traffic.

17/03333 Lakeview Oast Three Chimneys Farm Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Alterations and extension to outbuilding including addition of first floor to create two-storey outbuilding

Assuming the proposal is within current volumetric increase  regulations, Goudhurst  Parish Council has no objection to this application.  It will have minimal impact on the locality and AONB..

17/03337 Finchcocks Blue Coats Lane Goudhurst

Renovation and restoration of Finchcocks including:

– Enclosure of void under existing cantilever extension;

– Installation of new tank room under existing cantilever extension;

– Single storey extension to south wing;

– Installation of open air swimming pool on south terrace with associated hard landscaping works;

– Replacement entrance gate;

– Change of use from use as a museum for keyboard instruments and residence for Curator to use as a residential dwelling with D1 usage on part of ground floor.

Recommend approval

The well planned and presented proposed work will bring it up to modern residential standards whilst maintaining the overall appearance of the period building.

17/03338 Finchcocks Blue Coats Lane Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent – Renovation and restoration of Finchcocks including:

– Restoration of damaged ceiling;

– Introduction of services;

– Re-opening bricked up windows;

– Extension for storage and WC in south wing;

– Enclosure of void under existing cantilever extension;

– Installation of new tank room under existing cantilever extension;

– Single storey extension to south wing;

– Improvements to north entrance hall, and new access to cellar in north wing;

– New bathrooms on first, second and third floors and new WC on ground floor;

– External alteration including reopening two blocked up windows;

– Installation of sprinkler system.

Recommend approval

The well planned and presented proposed work will bring it up to modern residential standards whilst maintaining the overall appearance of the period building.


267/17 The Chairman, as a member of the Steering Committee, reported that it is continuing to progress well. The 4 Workshops held recently were well attended.  They hope to have a first draft out in December 2017.  All those who had been active participants in the process will be invited to another workshop to review the draft.


268/17 Cllr David Boniface drew Council’s attention to the TWBC website page relating to Local Heritage Assets.  “ To date TWBC has not compiled a List of Local Heritage Assets but is working towards facilitating the production of a list with the assistance of local Community Groups.”   It was resolved that Goudhurst should draw up such a list.  It was noted that Council already has a list of Listed Buildings in the Parish.  Implementation should be by a joint group of interested Parish Councillors, members of the Goudhurst Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan and the Goudhurst & Kilndown Local History Society.  The Clerk will highlight this project locally with the objective of recruiting people who might like to be involved.


269/17 It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:

4219 AVB Farnfield October 17 salary and expenses £2,419.06

4220 HM Revenue & Customs Clerk PAYE & NI October 17 £905.85

4221 Groundscare & General Services St Mary’s mowing contract October £1,204.80

4222 Capel Groundcare Chequer Field etc grounds maint Oct £809.25

4223 John Fermor Landscapes Christ Church lower area mowing Oct £480.00

4224 John Fermor Landscapes Chequer Field replace gate post & fencing £500.00

4225 Pearsons Landscapes The Plain and Pond maint October £103.20

4226 Tenterden Twilight Toilet Block cleaning Oct – 4 weeks £572.00

4227 Microshade Business Consult Citrix – Inv 10118 October £61.14

4228 Microshade Business Consult Citrix – Inv 10192 November £61.14

4229 Paul & Eileen Landon War Memorial garden maint  £30.00

4230 AVB Farnfied Reimburse cost NDP publicity Xmas Fair £30.00

4231 Colin Willis Reimburse costs NDP meetings Oct & Nov £149.23

4232 James Boot NDP Consultancy fee Oct & Nov £518.40

4233 Kilndown Village Hall NDP Meetings 07 & 21 Oct £64.00

4234 AVB Farnfield (HP Inc UK Ltd) Reimburse printer cartridges £239.70

4235 The Wealden Group NDP workshop advertising boards £168.00

4236 Kilndown Millennium Green Trust Annual Grant 2017/18 £500.00

4237 Kent Assoc Local Councils Cheque cancelled £0.00

4238 Goudhurst Parish Hall Lost Revenue due Pond de-silting 577.00

4239 Richard Greenaway Repaint St Mary’s railings £238.25

4240 Laura Napper Mileage expenses Loo of the Year award £157.50

4241 Loo of the Year awards Laura Napper tickets to attend £249.60

4242 Stationery Express Printing £45.60

DDR Veolia Environmental Services Burial Ground bin Oct £144.54

270/17 Receipts in October 2017

Burial Board£645.00

NatWest interest£0.78

CCLA dividend£5.07

G&K Primary School – Chequer Field maint.£500.00

HM Revenue & Customs – Reclaim VAT£7,170.85

271/17  Bank reconciliationResolved to accept the Clerk’s explanation of the reconciliation of accounts to the end of October 2017 and noted that Council’s cash book balance was:

Nat West Current a/c£2,643.46

Nat West Business Reserve£88,503.50

CCLA Public Sector Deposit Fund£35,167.95



272/17 11 December 2017.   The Jessel Room in Goudhurst Parish Hall at 7.30 pm


273/17 Kent Association of Local Councils.  ‘The Parish News’ of October 2017.

The Meeting closed at  9.45 pm.

Anthony Farnfield, Clerk

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

copyright © 2017 Goudhurst Parish Council