Goudhurst, Kent. A Wealden hill village

Council News June

Local Government for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtisden Green


at The Jessel Room on Monday 11 June 2018 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT:  Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Alan Foster, Mrs Angela Broom, David Boniface, Chris Ditton, Phil Kirkby, Mrs Susan Newsam, Mrs Caroline Richards and Stephen Wickham.   

1 Member of the public for item 078/18. 


075/18 were accepted from Cllrs Barry Noakes and Guy Sutton.  Also Borough Cllr Edmund Hastie.    


076/18 The Chairman reminded Members of their responsibility for any Disclosures of Interest on Agenda items for this meeting and for any changes to their Register of Interests. 


077/18 It was resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 May 2018, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed by the Acting Chairman as a correct record.


078/18 A local resident asked that the ‘Goudhurst History Board’ which had been established in 2000 at a site close to the pond on the West Road side, be restored to that site now that the Pond de-silting project has been finished.  Council recalled that rather than just set the original refurbished History Board into its former site, the opportunity would be taken to review what other options might be appropriate to update or improve the board for the future.  Now that the Pond de-silting and the refurbishment of the fencing around the Pond is complete, the matter of the History Board has been referred back to the Amenities Committee for them to consider further proposals.  (See also Minute 097/18).


079/18 County Cllr Seán Holden briefed Council on current matters. Kent Highways has spent £11 million on a County wide ‘pothole blitz’. The ‘Lorries project’ is being considered by the relevant Committee at County Hall in the context of a strategy for the whole County.  A scheme to assist improved Broadband schemes in rural areas will be launched in Kent by KCC in the next few weeks.  KCC is establishing a Bees working group to establish a Kent Polinating Strategy.  


The Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported:

080/18 The Glebe Fields Lease.  Following Minute 043/18. It was noted that Council signed the 30 year Lease on 21 May 2018.  We are waiting for the Diocese of Canterbury to also sign, whereupon Council will pay the first year’s rent.

081/18 Council’s Legal Adviser.  It was resolved to agree to pay our legal adviser’s invoice for £2,500.00 for their excellent legal services over the several years of protracted negotiations.  

082/18 Lower Glebe Field.  It was noted that planning permission is not required to establish an extra gate on the south curtilage of the lower Glebe into Maypole Lane.  However we will have to submit an application under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997.  For that we need some professionally drawn up plans and it was resolved to accept the quote of £570.00 from Bloomfields Ltd for that task.

083/18 The proposed new gate to the top Glebe (Village Green) from Church Road.  Following Minute 018/18.  It was noted that the Clerk has instructed Tate Fencing to proceed with the installation.

084/18 Parking on the top Glebe (Village Green).   One Member drew Council’s attention to the fact that the Village Green Committee is taking advice from the Open Spaces Society on the subject of parking on the Green, especially with reference to St Mary’s Church use.  It was noted however that it is a condition of the Lease between Goudhurst Parish Council and the Diocese of Canterbury: quote  “4.2.  The right from time to time for the Authority and all those authorised by it to use Area 1 for parking in connection with the use of the Church or Church events.”  It was also noted that the Village Green is to be properly gated and locked to exclude vehicles at all other times to prevent casual parking on the Green.

085/18 Proposed notice board at the top Glebe (Village Green).  It was noted that the local Village Green Committee had earlier suggested that a notice board be established on the Green so that guidance and news can be posted for those using the Green.  It was agreed that Council would liaise with the Village Green Committee on this matter. 

086/18 The Vicarage Cess Pit in the lower Glebe.  It was noted that Rev Hugh had confirmed informally that repairs and servicing is in hand.

087/18 Kent High Weald Habitat Survey.    It was noted that Amenities Committee members had met the Partnership Officer of the Kent High Weald Partnership.   The aim is to improve the general habitat of the lower Glebe which has been long neglected.  It was resolved that  initial expenditure of £960.00 be approved for initial work and that Council should engage the High Weald Partnership to carry out a habitat survey with target notes and outline management recommendations including site visits, mapping and research.   

088/18 The Beacon.  It was noted that the Beacon by the Back Lane Children’s Play Area is part of the lease agreement with the Diocese.  The Chairman of the Amenities Committee will arrange to have it inspected for general soundness as it is likely to be lit later in 2018 as part of events to mark the end of WWI.  

089/18 Chequer Field.  Following Minute 042/18.  It was noted that Council has received a long e-mail from out legal adviser which summarised the situation regarding the long outstanding matters relating to the transfer of the title from TWBC to the Parish Council.  Council awaits further documentation from TWBC. 

090/18 The Children’s Play Area in Back Lane.  Following Minute 045/18.   It was agreed that Council needs a plan with costs that will fit the budget and Chairman Amenities Committee, the Parish Council Chairman and the Clerk will work on this.  It was resolved that Craigdene Ltd be appointed as Council’s consultant on this; Craigdene can negotiate best value from the large numbers of companies supplying play equipment and such discounts will cover Craigdene’s consultancy fee.  The Clerk will arrange for a news item to be put up on the website and social media to inform the public of Council’s plans for the Play Area.

091/18 The Goudhurst Village Pre-School storage shed.  It was noted that with the signing of the lease with the Diocese, this storage shed by the Church Room and the Play Area will stand on ground controlled by the Council. It was resolved that by an exchange of letters an agreement can be established between the Council and the Pre-School to allow the current arrangement to continue.  

092/18 The Railings at Goudhurst Pond.  It was noted that our contractor has done an excellent job.   It was resolved that the contractor’s final bill of £3,470.00 + VAT  be settled.

093/18 Litter Bins.  Minute 011/18.  It was noted that the Chairman of the Amenities Committee will organise a survey of the litter bins that we have in the Parish.  As part of this, it was agreed that Council will arrange for some suitable notices be affixed to the bins to inform the public that well wrapped dog waste van be disposed of in general litter bins.   It was resolved that the Clerk should go ahead and replace the litter bin by the Back Lane Play Area with one of greater capacity.

094/18 Tree Survey.  It was noted that the Clerk is researching suitable contractors to carry out the task of surveying the trees in the Parish for which Council has responsibility.

095/18 Goudhurst in Bloom.   Cllr Mrs Angela Broom reported on good progress with this year’s event.  She is focussing on getting as many as possible in the private gardens category to enter.  

096/18 Defibrillators in the Parish.  Following Council Minute 041/18.  Cllr Mrs Susan Newsam presented a progress report to this meeting as she is now working closely on this project with Mrs Georgia Read-Cutting.  

097/18 Goudhurst History Board.  In response to a councillor’s query concerning the background to the residents question about the Goudhurst History Board, it was noted that the issue had been considered in March 2012 (after the Board had been destroyed in a storm) and several times thereafter.  It had been referred to the Amenities Committee and as a result a resolution was passed by Council on 13 August 2012 relating to the future of the History Board.  Subsequently Council had encountered a copyright issue regarding the text.  Council then decided to write new text and to consider different styles of presentation board. However, with the planned dredging of the pond, it was felt better to defer the final selection until after that work had been completed (now done).  Meanwhile, so as not to lose the benefit of the original refurbished board, in 2016 it was agreed with the copyright holder to re-erect it by the north wall of Goudhurst Parish Hall.  This was done. That had followed discussions which had included a request to release of the copyright of the text which has been declined on more than one occasion. Council’s view is that it is in the public interest to be able to take control of the text so that it can consider plans to update the way the information on the board is presented and positioned. The matter will be taken up by the current Amenities Committee for consideration.


097/18 The Brick Path across St Mary’s Churchyard.  Following Minute 047/18.   It was noted that the Clerk has instructed the chosen contractor to proceed with the project starting on 30 July to finish by 18 August 2018 to avoid major events at St Mary’s such as weddings.


The Chairman of the Highways & Footpaths Committee reported verbally:

098/18 Speed Indicator Device (SID).  Following Minute 055/18.   It was noted that Chairman H&F Committee had met on site with the Chairman of Bilsington Parish Council (Ashford) to learn how that Parish dealt with moving their SID from site to site.  It turned out to be easier than this Council had anticipated.  As a result, Council’s initial Risk Assessment has been updated accordingly.  It was resolved that £25.00 per SID movement would be a reasonable rate to offer our chosen contractor.  It was resolved that the Clerk must check that the appointed contractor has Public Liability Insurance, appropriate insurance for his vehicle when used on SID work and that his status with HMRC is appropriate.

099/18 Footway on A262 Station Road from Ranters Lane junction to Bluecoats Lane Junction. Following Minute 048/18, it was noted that Cllr David Boniface and the Clerk will meet with the swale landowners on 12 June.

100/18 Electric Vehicle Charging Points.  Following Minute 054/18. It was noted that Cllr Mrs Susan Newsam is in touch with UK Power Networks on the means and cost of establishing power to the prospective site for the EV charging points.


The Chairman of the Police & Neighbourhood Watch Committee reported:

101/18 CCTV.  Following Minute 058/18.  Two proposals have been received from our contractor:

Replacement Cameras for Goudhurst Parish Hall.  Quote ref: 2140.  £1,254.80 + VAT

Additional camera at The Vine looking eastwards. Quote ref 2141.  £528.70 + VAT.

It was resolved to accept both these quotes. 


102/18 NDP Steering Committee. The Chairman notified Members that it was now time for them to engage in more depth with the NDP.  The time was approaching where it would need to have to give approval to the next stages of the NDP.  As a result, various Members agreed to attend NDP Steering Committee and Site Assessment meetings in the coming weeks to ensure a good Council representation.  It was noted that the Tunbridge Wells Plan programme has been put back by several months.  Meanwhile such matters as housing and site allocations for the rural parishes have not yet been settled.  There is something of an air of general uncertainty and the Parish Council may need to take a view on what should or should not be published in its name.

103/18 NDP Public Meetings.  The Goudhurst NDP “This is where we are” update public meeting held on 24 May 2018 at St Mary’s Church was very well attended by approximately 200 local residents.  Feedback indicated that it was well received but that it was rather too long. 


Council noted the following Decisions from TWBC published in May 2018:  


17/03484 Lidwells House North Road Goudhurst

Erection of agricultural barn and associated hardstanding

Refused permission

18/00587 Access adjacent to Brandfold Gate North Road Goudhurst

Alterations to road access to Brandfold Terrace Cottage and The Pump House (ancillary outbuilding)

Permission refused

18/00858 Woolpack Cottage Winchet Hill Goudhurst

Erection of a car port and loft conversion

Granted permission

18/00878 2 Bankfield Way Goudhurst

Erection of a two storey side extension

Granted permission

18/00898 Brandfold Farm North Road Goudhurst

Conversion of outbuilding to a residential unit with an ancillary garage

Granted permission

18/00973 5 Cliffe Cottages North Road Goudhurst

Single storey rear extension with glazed link, removal of existing store and replacement gas bottle store within rear garden, as well as other works within rear garden, including re-positioning of gate, removal of timber fencing to northern boundary and a new low retaining wall

Granted permission

18/00974 5 Cliffe Cottages North Road Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent: Single storey rear extension with glazed link, removal of existing store and replacement gas bottle store within rear garden, as well as other works within rear garden, including re-positioning of gate, removal of timber fencing to northern boundary and a new low retaining wall

Granted permission

18/00985 1 Three Chimneys Farm Cottages Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Two storey addition to existing residential property

Granted permission

18/01016 3 Clay Cottages Clay Hill Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent: Repair works to the first floor jetty joists, reinforcement works to the first floor & some timber reinstatement 

Granted permission

18/01071 Riseden House Riseden Goudhurst

Demolition of existing garage & construction of a replacement garage

Granted permission

105/18   APPLICATIONS considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee in May 2018 with representations here approved by Council:

18/01025 Riseden House Riseden Goudhurst

Erection of a two storey rear extension

Recommend approval

This scheme will have less impact on the host dwelling than the refused scheme

18/01203 3 West Road Goudhurst

Internal alterations including relocation of existing bathroom to first floor, removal of kitchen wall to create combined kitchen/diner, addition of a conservation roof light and SVP terminal to South elevation; alterations to existing extension including addition of roof lantern and French doors, clad existing extension to match dwelling.  Internal alteration to detached ancillary building, alteration to fenestration on front elevation and addition of a conservation roof light to West elevation.

Recommend approval

Subject to the views of the conservation officer, Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) is content that this proposal is approved.   Further, GPC would suggest a condition that the detached ancillary building should remain ancillary to the host dwelling.

18/01228 The Grange Chequers Road Goudhurst

Trees: G1 (5x SYCAMORE) – Fell

Goudhurst Parish Council is content that the Tree Officer should determine this application.

18/01334 Marlingate Granary Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Erection of a single storey rear extension including a glass link and store room

18/01335 Marlingate Granary Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

LBC – Erection of a single storey rear extension including a glass link and store room

Recommend refusal

Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) does not believe that this is an acceptable scheme:

• The footprint of the extension is bigger than the host building;

• The proposed materials for the construction do not in any way complement those of the host building;

• Whilst having sympathy with the circumstances of the applicant, they do not over-

ride the planning issues. 

18/01463 2 Combourne Cottages Jarvis Lane Goudhurst

Retrospective: Erection of a rear porch

Listed Building Consent: Erection of a rear porch (Work Commenced)

Recommend approval

This would seem to be an appropriate proposal.   Subject to the views of the conservation officer, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that approval is granted

18/01464 2 Combourne Cottages Jarvis Lane Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent: Erection of a rear porch (Work Commenced)

Recommend approval

This would seem to be an appropriate proposal.   Subject to the views of the conservation officer, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that approval is granted

18/01470 Little Barden North Road Goudhurst

Proposed installation of a second velux skylight in roof

Recommend approval

This proposal will have minimal impact on the location and the Conservation Area.

18/01611 Woodfield House Jarvis Lane Goudhurst

Construction of an outdoor swimming pool, pool house and associated hard standing

Recommend approval

This proposal is totally within the long-established confines of the garden, which is bounded by mature screening.   The impact on the location and the AONB will be minimal

18/01634 Old Forstal Ladham Road Goudhurst

Proposed single storey extension with minor internal alterations; Proposed garage conversion; Proposed erection of detached garden room/store

18/01635 Old Forstal Ladham Road Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent – proposed single storey extension with minor internal alterations

Recommend approval

Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) recognizes that the only difference between these applications and the approvals last year are the change of the roofing material on the proposed single storey extension from tiles to slate.   As the pitch of the roof is insufficiently steep for a tiled roof to be water tight, GPC supports the application.

106/18 TWBC Planning Department.  The Chairman expressed some dissatisfaction with TWBC’s performance in certain aspects.  One issue amongst others is when an applicant makes a significant amendment to an application to TWBC as the Planning Authority, the TWBC Planning Department does not always re-consult or even advise the Parish of the change.  He informed Council of his intention to raise the issue at the TWBC Parish Chairmen’s Meeting on 12 June and this approach was unanimously supported by Council. 


107/18 Following Minute 063/18, the Clerk reported that Council has appointed GDPR-info Ltd to act as our Data Protection Officer (DPO).  They will visit us on 23 July 2018 to carry out an Audit and to give advice on procedures.  The Clerk highlighted the fact that the legislation has been changed so that Town/Parish Councils are not required to appoint a DPO.  His suggestion that Council should appoint a DPO as best practice was agreed by resolution. However it was noted that several nearby Parish Councils are not likely to re-engage their DPO after the first year.


108/18 Introduction to Planning for Local Councils.  It was noted that Cllrs Chris Ditton, Alan Foster, Caroline Richards and Guy Sutton will attend on 02 July 2018 at Tenterden.  


109/18 It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:

4363 AVB Farnfield May 18 salary and expenses £2,643,27

4364 HM Revenue & Customs Clerk PAYE & NI May 18 £920.89

4365 Grounds Care & General Services Grounds maintenance St Mary’s May £1,204.80

4366 Grounds Care & General Services Various maint projects in lower Glebe £5.556.00

4367 Capel Groundcare Chequer Field etc grounds maint May £917.86

4368 Capel Groundcare Extra mowing top Glebe prior to the Fete £300.00

4369 John Fermor Landscapes Christ Church grounds maint May £220.00

4370 Pearsons Landscapes The Pond & Plain grounds maint May £111.60

4371 Tenterden Twilight Toilet Block cleaning May £641.66

4372 Microshade Business Consult Citrix Inv 10725 £61.14

4373 Richard Greenaway The Plain notice board maint £173.75

4374 Hurstway Construction Refurbish post and rail at the Pond £4,164.00

4375 Zurich Municipal Council’s Insurance 2018/19 £1174.64

4376 Kilndown Parish Hall Hire for K’down Annual parish Mtg £24.00

4377 HP Inc UK Ltd (reimburse AVBF) Printer cartridges £119.48

4378 Chata Hygiene Public toilets maint £19.76

4379 Arron Services (reimburse AVBF) Desktop software problem solved £24.00

4380 Tate Fencing Top Glebe new gate part payment £1,046.09

4381 Maelstrom S E Ltd Goudhurst in Bloom printing £165.00

4382 Kent County Council Lower Glebe Habitat Survey £960.00

4383 Simply Shredding (AVBF) Shredding old Council documents £40.00

4384 Peter Watkins  Fuel Millennium Green mowing £20.00

4385 David Buckett Internal Audit 2018/18 Accounts £479.25

4386 Colin Willis NDP Meeting expenses May 18 £1,163.10

4387 EDF Energy Contracting Toilet Block electricity (backlog)  £65.81

DDR Veolia Environmental Services Burial Ground bin May £144.54

DDR Southern Electric Chequer Field Energy £111.34

110/18 Receipts in May 2018      

Burial Board£1,110.00

NatWest interest£3.22

CCLA dividend£15.09

111/18  Bank reconciliation.  Resolved to accept the Clerk’s explanation of the reconciliation of accounts to the end of May 2018 and noted that Council’s cash book balance was:

Nat West Current a/c£5,842.04

Nat West Business Reserve£64,662.61

CCLA Public Sector Deposit Fund£35,242.36



112/18 The Clerk distributed copies of the report on Council’s Accounts from Mr David Buckett CPFA DMS, Council’s Internal Auditor.  The Clerk explained the Report paragraph by paragraph.  It was noted that the internal audit covered the internal control objectives listed in Annual Internal Audit Report of the new style Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR). The visit concentrated on the year-end accounts and the requirements for the completion of the Accounting Statements, the Asset Register, VAT claims and inspection of the payment arrangements including payroll. Other matters included risk management, insurance cover and service specific issues such as the burial records. The audit checks carried out found no errors or omissions.


113/18 09 July 2018.    In the Jessel Room, Goudhurst Parish Hall at 7.30 pm.  


The Meeting closed at 9.25   pm. 

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

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