Goudhurst, Kent. A Wealden hill village

Council News January

GOUDHURST PARISH COUNCIL Local Government for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtisden Green


at The Jessel Room in Goudhurst Parish Hall on Monday 13 January 2020 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:  Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), David Boniface, Craig Broom, Chris Ditton, Alan Foster, Philip Kirkby, David Knight, Barry Noakes, Mrs Caroline Richards, Mrs Jayne Russell, Guy Sutton and Peter Wood.

Also: PCSO Dave Jenkins and Mrs Andrea Kirkby until 8.00 pm. 

Anthony Farnfield, Clerk and Mrs Claire Reed, Assistant Clerk. 

This was the first Goudhurst Parish Council meeting to be held paperless. The Agenda, previous Minutes and other supporting papers were viewed by each Member on their laptops through the Board Intelligence App.


340/19 None.


341/19 Cllr Peter Wood declared an interest in discussions relating to establishing the hamlet of Iden Green (east of Goudhurst Village).  


342/19 It was resolved that the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 09 December 2019, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed by the Chairman as a correct record. 


343/19 Mrs Andrea Kirkby asked the Council if they would be willing to contribute towards a Drug Education evening in the Parish for parents and young people. Members agreed in principle to covering reasonable costs of any such event.


344/19 PCSO Jenkins informed the meeting that Kent Police are aware of reports of suspected drug taking and drug dealing in Goudhurst but more information is needed. It was noted that PCSO Jenkins will be holding a surgery outside the Parish Hall on 14 February 2020 between 10 and 11am. 


345/19 County Cllr Seán Holden briefed Council on the appointment of Cllr Roger Gough as the new Leader of KCC. Cllr Holden has a discretionary budget for grants to Parishes who wish to plant trees. He is now the KCC Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee Chairman. He is maintaining a close interest in solutions to Goudhurst’s traffic problems.

No report was received from Borough Cllr Dr Linda Hall. Action: Clerks to follow up.


The Chairman of the Highways Committee presented the Minutes of a Committee meeting held on 10 December 2019:

346/19 A21 Speed Limit/Crash Frequency Reduction. It was noted that there had been no response to Council’s last letter to Highways England (HE) on 29 October 2019.  Action: The Clerk will contact HE.

347/19 A21 verges. Following Minute 285/19. It was reported that the cutting back of excessive vegetation by the HE contractor has not been as effective as expected, particularly relating to the Japanese knotweed. It was agreed that local resident Mr Ted Bennett will follow up with the TWBC Environmental team.

348/19 Kent Highways Lorry Watch Scheme. Council understands that a new Lorry Watch App will be introduced perhaps in February 2020. Local resident Mr Bob Gibbs of the Goudhurst Traffic Action Group (GTAG) is involved.

349/19 Speed Surveys. It was resolved to accept the quote from Traffic Survey Partners to carry out surveys at a cost of £345 +VAT for the first site and £65 for additional sites at the same time.

These costs include the £99 Kent Highways permission to carry out the surveys. Action: The Clerk.

350/19 Highways Improvement Plan HIP. It was noted that The Clerk has sent Version 3 to Kent Highways.

351/19 Village designation of Iden Green for Speed Limit purposes. It was noted that Cllr Peter Wood has collected data and information ready to submit a request that the area along the A262 from Paynett’s Farm eastwards to near the Peacock Inn be identified as Iden Green Village within the Parish of Goudhurst. 43 residencies and 17 businesses have been identified to make up the proposed village.

352/19 Pedestrian shared area platform in Goudhurst High Street. Following Minute 187/19. It was noted that this project is included in the Parish’s Highways Improvement plan and that Mr Neil Edwards, KCC Traffic Manager is aware of this matter.

353/19 A262 downgrading from an A class road to B class. Following Minute 046/19 and the rejection of Councils application by Neil Edwards, KCC Traffic Manager by e-mail on 25 November 2019.  It was noted that County Cllr Sean Holden has now become Chairman of the KCC Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee which may help with the introduction of the London Lorry Scheme which licences HGVs to travel only on certain routes. 


The Chairman of the Goudhurst Central Traffic & Parking Committee reported: 

354/19 Additional Parking: It was noted that Cllr Antony Harris had arranged to meet the developer of the Old Parsonage Site on 31 January 2020. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the feasibility of adding more public parking adjacent to the site. It was further noted that a draft survey of households and businesses in the centre of the village had been compiled. The intention of the survey is to find out where residents and visitors park both during the day and in the evening and will be carried out by members for the Traffic and Parking Committee. Action: Traffic and Parking Committee to finalise survey questions. 


The Chairman of the Youth Committee reported: 

355/19 Back Lane Play Area: It was noted that £20,000 needs to be raised, via community fundraising, for the new Play Area project. A letter calling for donations and sponsorship will be sent out to businesses and individuals in the Parish. Cllr Jayne Russell has set up a ‘Wonderful’ fundraising page for the project and letters will be going out to parents of children in the Pre-School, Primary School and members of the church community in the coming weeks. It was agreed that a plaque containing the names of the key sponsors will be made and put up in the Play Area once work is completed. Action: Clerks to send out letters to businesses and individuals and add links to the fundraising page on the Parish Council website and Facebook page. Cllr Jayne Russell is to make arrangements for the letter to be sent out to parents of the Primary School and also to the Church community. 


Council noted the following decisions from TWBC published in December 2019:


19/02540 Magnolia Cottage, Church Road, Kilndown

Proposed windows replacement and associated works.

Granted permission

19/02869 3 The Old School, Goudhurst

Erection of conservatory extension and relocation of side gate.

Granted permission

19/02911 Lodge Nursery, Lidwells Lane, Goudhurst

Removal of agricultural occupancy condition. 

Granted permission

19/03021 Amberfield Cottage, Peasley Lane, Goudhurst

Two story side and rear extensions and rear canopy; Loft conversion.

Granted permission

19/02586 Oak Tree Cottage, Chicks Lane, Kilndown

Erection of wooden fence (retrospective)

Granted permission

19/00280 Land Adjacent to The Old Parsonage, Balcombes Hill, Goudhurst

Erection of 14 dwellings with associated infrastructure and landscaping.

Granted permission

19/03161 Station Villa, Station Road, Goudhurst

Variation to condition 2 (Approved Plans) of Planning Permission 19/00995.

Granted permission

19/02618 Stream Farm House, Summerhill, Goudhurst

Variation to approved landscaping, parking provision and vehicular access.

Application Withdrawn

19/00036 Forge Farm, Bedgebury Road, Goudhurst

Retrospective planning application for the retention of 10 storage containers.

Refused permission

357/19 APPLICATIONS considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee in December 2019 with the representations here approved by Council:

19/03342 Peacock Inn, Cranbrook Road, Goudhurst

Installation of new trade kitchen extractor and replacement storage shed.

Recommend approval

GPC believe this new scheme is a big improvement on the previous plan and will have much less impact on the appearance of the building.

19/03197 Brandfold Terrace Cottage, North Road, Goudhurst

Construction of a new vehicle access and driveway to a residential property and agricultural land, installation of gate and estate fencing to agricultural land, installation of bollards across existing vehicle access; associated transplanting of hedge and new tree planting.

Recommend refusal

GPC has several doubts regarding this application:

  • The relocation of the access to the north to a point where traffic moves more quickly will increase the likelihood of accidents;
  • The installation of bollards and the additional fencing will have a suburbanising impact;
  • There is no need for Brandfold Terrace Cottage and the Pump House to be accessed via the same entrance from North Road.

19/03364 10 Flimwell Close, Flimwell

Loft conversion, rear dormer extension and 2 front roof lights – Changes to dormer, removal of chimney stack and creation of additional roof light.

Recommend refusal

GPC were content with the original approved scheme, but the changes to the form of the rear dormer extension are not in keeping with the design or scale of the house.

19/03351 Marlingate Oast House, Bedgebury Road, Goudhurst

Removal of existing porch and construction of new porch.

Recommend approval

GPC believes that this is a modest proposal which will improve the amenity of the dwelling, while having minimal impact on the locality and the AONB.

19/02863 Home Farm, Bedgebury Road, Goudhurst

The extension and conversion of the barn into 1 dwelling; the extension and conversion of 2 cottages into 1 dwelling; the extension and refurbishment of the Old Dairy into 1 dwelling; the erection of a new dwelling to the north of Home Farm House; and the erection of a garage block.

Decision deferred to the Goudhurst Planning Committee meeting on 7 January 2020 as insufficient information available.

19/3431 Paynetts Farm, Cranbrook Road, Goudhurst

Proposed works to protected tree.

Recommend approval, subject to the TWBC tree officer agreeing that the proposed works are necessary.


358/19 It was resolved to approve the NDP and move the plan onto the next stage which is a public consultation hosted by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. Action: Cllr Craig Broom and the NDP Committee.


359/19 It was noted that KCC are running a consultation on their 5-year plan. It was agreed that Members may submit their own comments.  


360/19 Office Equipment. It was resolved to approve expenditure of £595.00 to upgrade the Clerk’s 7-year-old desktop computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

361/19 Website and Email. It was noted that the Clerk is in contact with Mr Michael Bennett, Council’s website contractor, with a view to agreeing a date for a Business & Communications Committee meeting to discuss future arrangements with him. Mr Bennett’s contract expires on 31 March 2020.  

362/19 Unity Trust Bank. It was resolved to apply to Unity Trust Bank for a Parish Council debit card. Action:  The Clerk.

363/19 Assistant Clerk’s Pension. The Clerk reported that arrangements to enrol the Assistant Clerk into NEST are nearly complete. Action: The Clerk.


364/19 It was noted that Cllr Craig Broom and Assistant Clerk will attend Website Accessibility training at Teynham on 20 January 2020.

Assistant Clerk, Mrs Claire Reed will also attend a Burial Law training course on 19 February

and Legionella Training on 31 January 2020.


365/19 It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:

DD TWBC NNDR Public Lavatories Jan £104.00

U139 RJ&L Hillier Hop Bine Rent December 19 £400.00

U140 RJ&L Hillier Hop Bine Rent January 20 £400.00

U141 AVB Farnfield Clerks Pay & Expenses Dec £2275.43

U142 HM Revenue & Customs Clerks PAYE & NI £852.67

U143 Caper Ground Care Grounds maint contract Dec 19 £1,374.72

U144 Tenterden Twilight Cleaning contract Dec 19 £776.45

U145 Microshade Business Consultants Citrix invoice 12626 Dec £122.28

U146 Colin Langridge Hedge & Verge cutting 2019 £297.60

U147 Craig Broom Engraving In Bloom competition prizes £70.00

U148 Viking Payments Stationery £101.45

U149 Tate & Tonbridge Fencing Replace fencing and gates at The Glebe £1,331.88

U150 KALC Training Asst Clerk 20 Jan £72.00

U151 KALC Training Asst Clerk 20 Jan £72.00

U152 Quarry Centre Kilndown Meeting room hire 22 Oct £10.00

U153 Quarry Centre Kilndown Meeting room hire 12 Aug £15.00

U154 Iden Signs Inv 28016 Path closed signs £18.00

U155 Iden Signs Inv 28051revised Path closed £43.20

U156 Iden Signs Inv 27694 No Parking sign £30.00

U157 Iden Signs Inv 227766 Toilet block signs £67.20

U158 Iden Signs Inv 27937 Addit Toilet signs £16.80

U159 Hurstway Construction Goudhurst Pond railing repair £107.69

U160 Goudhurst Parish Hall Annual maint grant 2019/20 £1,750.00

U161 Kilndown Village Hall Annual maint grant 2019/20 £500.00

U162 Kilndown Millennium Green Trust Annual maint grant play equipt £500.00

U163 Kilndown Quarry Centre Annual maint grant 2019/20 £250.00

U164 Citizens Advice Bureau Annual grant 2019/20 £400.00

U165 Samaritans Annual grant 2019/20 £250.00

U166 PCC Goudhurst GPC pages in Parish Mag 2019/20 £450.00

U167 Kilndown Village Newsletter Annual grant to costs 2019/20 £50.00

U168 Goudhurst Parish Hall Pond pump energy 2019/20 £200.00

U169 Moore Hospitality Ltd CCTV camera on Vine 2019/20 £200.00

U170 Goudhurst Parish Hall Use of Equipt Room CCTV monitor £200.00

U171 Goudhurst Parish Hall Energy for The Plain Xmas lights £50.00

U172 Goudhurst Social Club Energy for War Memorial lighting 2019/20 £50.00

U173 Weald Family Hub Grant for a local voluntary group (S137) £300.00

U174 Cranbrook DIY (reimburse Clerk) Office keys £60.60

U175 HP Inc (UK) (reimburse Clerk) Printer cartridges £20.99

U176 Currys PC World (reimburse Clerk) Microsoft Surface Go tablet £305.10

U177 Currys PC World (reimburse Clerk) Cables for Surface Go tablet £42.98

U178 Currys PC World (reimburse Clerk) Type cover for Surface Go tablet £99.00

U179 FSCS Ltd (Amazon) (reimb.Clerk) 2 x Fusion 5 tablets for Cllr use £431.88

U180 Arron Services Upgrade office desktop to Windows 10 etc £749.94

U181 Colling’d Batchelor (reimb Clerk) Minor items for Hop Bine office £29.00

U182 Orchman Road Marking Electric Vehicle charging bays marking £600.00

U183 GM Monk Ltd Toilet Block EICR Dec 19 valid 5 years £431.70

U184 Kilndown PCC Grant Hearing Loop Christ Church (S137) £100.00

U185 Aviva Investment Portfolio Contrib. Clerk’s Pension fund 2019/20 £5,000.00

U186 Peter Watkins PROW maintenance Oct – Dec 19 £93.75

U187 SLCC Clerk’s membership 2020 £254.00

DD BT B’band to G’hurst Parish Hall VP85597370 £195.84

DD Infinity Technology Solutions Phone & Bband Jan Inv 366872 £134.33

DD Veolia Burial Grounds bin Jan 20 £152.35

U188 CL Reed Asst Clerk Pay Jan 20 £1,069.32

U189 HM Revenue & Customs Asst Clerk PAYE & NI Jan 20 £135.19

DD NEST CL Reed NEST Employer contribution Jan £34.66

DD NEST CL Reed NEST Member contribution £46.22

366/19 Payment U173.  It was resolved that this Council, in accordance with its powers under sections 137 and 139 of the Local Government Act 1972, should incur this expenditure. In the opinion of this Council it is in the interests of the inhabitants of the Parish of Goudhurst and will benefit a voluntary group in the Parish in a manner commensurate with the expenditure of £300.00 to receive a grant for work dealing locally with mental illness in young people.

367/19 Payment U184.  It was resolved that this Council, in accordance with its powers under sections 137 and 139 of the Local Government Act 1972, should incur this expenditure.  In the opinion of this Council it is in the interests of the inhabitants of the Parish of Goudhurst and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure of £100.00 to contribute to the cost of a hearing loop at Christ Church Kilndown.

368/19 Receipts in December 2019 were noted:     

Burial Board £330.00

CCLA dividend £11.64

Grant for Play Area equipment refurbish £500.00

369/19 Bank reconciliation.  It was resolved to accept the Clerk’s explanation of the reconciliation of accounts to the end of December 2019 and it was noted that Council’s cash book balance was:

Unity trust Current a/c £91,777.84

Nat West Current a/c £1,973.21

CCLA Public Sector Deposit Fund £20,495.01

Total £114,243.06


370/19 10 February 2020. Parish Council Meeting in the Jessel Room at 7.30 pm.  

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm

Anthony Farnfield, Clerk

Claire Reed, Assistant Clerk

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