Goudhurst, Kent. A Wealden hill village

Council News August

Local Government for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtisden Green


at The Quarry Centre, Kilndown on Monday 12 August 2019 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:  Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Craig Broom, Christopher Ditton, Philip Kirkby, David Knight, Mrs Caroline Richards, Guy Sutton and Peter Wood. 

3 Members of the Public until approximately 8.00 pm 


149/19 were accepted from Cllrs David Boniface, Alan Foster and Barry Noakes and Mrs Jayne Russell (all on holiday).  Also County Cllr Seán Holden. 


150/19 None were declared. 


151/19 It was resolved that the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 08 July 2019, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed by the Chairman as a correct record. 


152/19 It was noted that Cllrs Seán Holden and Barry Noakes were away. There was no report from Borough Cllr Dr Linda Hall.  


A resident of Kilndown expressed the view that parts of the Parish as well as the Borough and further afield looked untidy in areas where residents leave their rubbish bins out for all to see. Have we no pride in our villages he asked. He urged the Council to launch a campaign to oblige residents to hide their bins behind trellis work and suitable planting.

Two residents representing others from Pillory Corner alleged that a local Brewery were breaking the conditions placed on the company as approved through planning application    18/02026.  This is causing some unhappiness in that area.  Council responded by indicating that the matter would be considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee with a view to referring the issues to TWBC. 


The Chairman of the Amenities Committee presented the Minutes of a meeting held on 23 July 2019: 

153/19 Kilndown: Portable Goals for the Millennium Green.  It was resolved to approve a grant of £214.99 for the purchase of these items.

154/19 Electric Vehicle Charge Points.  It was resolved to approve expenditure of £550.00 for appropriate signs to be painted on the surface of the two parking ‘slots’ on the north side of the public lavatories.

155/19 The Tourist Information and History Board.  This is currently situated in front of the Parish Hall.  A local resident has asked Council on many occasions that it be reinstated in its original position.  That was close to the edge of the Pond along West Road more or less opposite the vehicle entrance to the Goudhurst Social Club.  On a vote taken by the Amenities Committee on a motion that ‘the Tourist Information Board should remain where it is’, of the Members present 5 voted in favour and 1 abstained.  

The same motion, on being put to Council, resulted in 7 voting for and 1 abstained.  

156/19 Weed Control at Chequer Field.  It was resolved to approve expenditure of £330.00 for herbicide to be applied by Council’s weed control contractor against buttercups, daisies and clover.


The Chairman of the Burial Board presented the Minutes of a meeting held on 16 July 2019;

157/19 The flowering Cherry Trees in the Churchyard.  It was noted that the recent tree inspection had identified these trees as being badly diseased.  The recommendation is that they should be felled.  The Clerk is in touch with the Church Warden about obtaining approval from the Arch Deacon to remove the trees.  Also the roots if advised by our tree contractor.  Council needs advice on replanting.

158/19 Yew trees in the Cemetery on the south side of Back Lane.  Council Minute 272/18 refers. On Yew was heavily pruned in May 2019.  The objective is to prune all the Yews in small batches in the coming years so that they will grow back and be better maintained in appearance.  The Clerk will arrange a site visit involving our contractor, the Church Warden and members of the Burial Board and the Clerk so that all understand the aim of the project, the time scales involved and the costs.  

159/19 Rules, Regulations and Fees.

After a full and detailed discussion it was agreed to recommend to Council these revised Fees and Charges from 01 September 2018 for a period of 1 year:

Graves: Exclusive right of burial in an earthen grave £1,200.00 to  £1,400.00

Interment Fee    Remains   at    £400.00

Approval of MonumentsRemains   at £260.00

Additional inscriptionRemains   at      260.00

Ashes: Exclusive right of burial in the ashes section £1,000.00      to £1,100.00

Interment    Remains   to   £400.00

Approval of Memorial TabletsRemains   at     £260.00

Additional inscriptionRemains   at   £260.00

Registration of Change of Ownershipno change at   £30.00

160/00 Mechanical digging of graves.  It was resolved that the mechanical digging of graves will not be permitted at Goudhurst Burial Grounds.


The Chairman of this Committee   

161/19 Following Minute 159/19.  It was resolved to ratify these Terms of Reference and Responsibilities of the Committee:

The Committee will seek to identify a core of members from the business community to help develop initiatives. 

Members of the public and business representatives will be welcome to attend meetings:

Mr Lorne Mitchell (Adviser) will be a non-voting member of the Committee, 

Objective: To support and promote new and existing business facilities and infrastructure within our Parish by:

1. Providing a forum for local business to raise and discuss their needs, issues and concerns.

2. Supporting and promoting specific initiatives that improve business facilities and infrastructure within the Parish.

3. Acting as a point of coordination and information sharing for Parish wide business initiatives

4. Providing cross committee coordination for issues raised. 

5. Sharing business initiative with residents’ groups where there may be a shared benefit.

6. Aim to increase local employment including apprenticeships.

7. Supporting start-ups businesses. 

Meetings will be held on the third Monday of every month (or as needed) at 19:30 hrs in the Jessel Room.

Businesses in the Parish will be informed of the meetings by the Clerk through Agendas and Minutes. A list of businesses contacts will be shared and updated by the committee bearing in mind GDPR requirements.


The Chairman of this Committee presented the Minutes of the meeting held on 06 August 2019:

162/19 Parking and Traffic in Goudhurst with special reference to the Old Parsonage site planning application 19/00280.   Members were briefed on a memo sent to TWBC Head of Planning Services on 24 July and Minutes of a meeting held on 26 July 2019 at the Town Hall with Head of Planning Services and Planning Development Manager.  Head of Planning Services has offered to facilitate a meeting with the developers of the Old Parsonage site to obtain land for an additional 8 to 12 parking places opposite (to the east of) our existing car park on Balcombes Hill. 

163/19 Follow up action.  Following the 26 July meeting at the Town Hall, it was resolved to:

1. Seek a meeting with the TWBC tree officer with the purpose of overcoming environmental and tree preservation objections to the use of some of the Old Parsonage site for public parking. Action – Clerk

2. Commission a consultant with the purpose of overcoming any potential safety or highways issues relating to the various proposed parking sites and as to their safe design. Clerk to ask TWBC for recommended consultants acceptable specifically to Kent Highways.

3. Formally validate the number of business and retail staff who park regularly in central Goudhurst to validate number of out of Goudhurst centre long stay spaces required

4. With the aid of the consultant, identify the issues likely to relate to the various potential additional parking sites around Goudhurst village and determine solutions. 

Sites identified;  

a. Lower Glebe field – various locations; 

b. Tattlebury Triangle 

c. land to the south of the Balcombes Hill car park 

d. land to the south west of the Village Hall 

e also any issues relating to the Social Club car park.

164/19 Future Meetings.  It was resolved to hold future meeting at 18.30 on the 3rd Monday of the month prior to the Business & Communications Committee meetings at 19.30 until December 2019 and to prepare for Council’s Open Meeting on 11 November 2019. 

165/19 Neighbourhood Development Plan.  It was noted that this Committee will liaise with the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) group to ensure that the Parking proposals are not contra-indicated to the NDP.

166/19 Liaison with Borough Councillor.  It was noted that, prior to this evening’s committee meeting, the briefing note of 23 July and the Minutes of the meeting with TWBC on 26 July were discussed with Borough Councillor Barry Noakes who concurred with the report, the notes and the planned way forward. 


The Chairman of this Committee reported:

167/19 A262 Reclassification to a B class road.  It was noted that, following Minute 410/18 and the meeting on 27 February 2019, Highways Committee is considering raising the matter again with Traffic Manager KCC.

168/19 Additional traffic sign ‘Beware Pedestrians’ or similar.  This project related to the proposed new sign on B2079 northbound in North Road by the Brandfold Tennis Club. It was originally raised with Highways in 2018.  It was noted that the Clerk has re-applied to Highways by fault ref  445813 on 13 August 2019 and he will follow up. 


Council noted the following Decisions from TWBC published in July 2019:  


19/00995 Station Villa Station Road Goudhurst

Demolition of an existing conservatory and replacement with a two storey side extension; single storey rear and side extension

Granted permission

19/01102 Whites Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent for single storey side extension

Granted permission

19/01174 OS Plot 7000 (The Orchard) Jarvis Lane Goudhurst

Erection of an agricultural building to be used for the storage of agricultural equipment and machinery and the part retrospective creation of a farm track

Granted permission

19/01316 2 Brick Kiln Cottages Park Lane Goudhurst

Erection of a double garage and entrance gates 

Granted permission 

19/01335 Stable Cottage Cranbrook Road Goudhurst

Proposed two storey rear link extension. Adjustments to existing fenestration. Proposed entrance porch.

Granted permission

170/19 APPLICATIONS considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee in July 2019 with the  representations here approved by Council:

19/01308 Lower Maypole Cottage Maypole Lane Goudhurst

Internal alterations to sub divide utility room, create new bathroom, replace fixtures, finishes and rewire

Recommend approval 

Subject to the views of the Conservation Officer, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that approval is granted.

19/01352 Mobile home Lime Tree Farm Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Lawful Development Certificate (Existing) – The mobile home used continuously and without a break as a single residential dwelling. 

Recommend refusal    

Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) does not accept that the mobile home has been continuously occupied as claimed and necessary.  Two of the supposed occupants are on the Electoral Roll (Dec 2018) at an address (Lime Tree Cottages) further east on Cranbrook Road.

19/01538 Zion Barn Ranters Lane Goudhurst

Proposed single storey rear extension to existing garden room

Recommend approval

Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) considers this to be a modest proposal, which, subject to tight control of materials, will have minimal impact on the location and the AONB.

19/01684 The Old Vicarage Rogers Rough Road Kilndown

Addition to existing single storey rear extension with alterations to finishes of wall and roof materials on whole extension and addition of roof lights; alterations to areas of roof on ground floor projections and change in external materials; replacement windows and fenestration alterations; erection of detached outbuilding to provide an open sider car port/bike store/shower/wc/wash up area; landscaping of garden and provision of decked areas.

Recommend approval

As this property is not listed and is outside the Conservation Area in a large curtilage, the proposed changes will have minimal impact.  Subject to the views of officers, Goudhurst Parish Council is content approval is granted.

19/01668 Lower Ladysden Farm Winchet Hill Goudhurst

Prior notification for the Change of Use of a Building and Land within its Curtilage from an Agricultural use to a Use falling within Class C3 (Two dwelling houses)

Recommend approval

This proposal would appear to satisfy the requirements of the new Change of Use rules.  In any event there will be minimal impact on the locality.

19/01905 Bedgebury Pinetum Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

New electricity substation  

Recommend approval

Subject to the views of officers, Goudhurst Parish Council is content the approval is granted.  

Additional note:  Goudhurst Parish Council believes that officers should have requested a re-submission of this application as the dimensions of the unit are absent and most of the writing on the map is illegible. 

19/01733 4 Summerhill Cottage Rogers Rough Road Kilndown

Erection of a single storey bay window front extension

Recommend approval

This scheme will have minimal impact on the local environment 

19/01813 Winchet Hall Winchet Hill Goudhurst

Erection of a single storey side extension

Recommend approval

Goudhurst Parish Council considers this to be an imaginative scheme.  It will have no adverse impact on the neighbouring properties

19/01853 Gatehouse Farm Ranters Lane Goudhurst

Change of use of existing stable block into annexe.  Extension to existing oast house with related internal alterations

Recommend approval

This proposed scheme will have no impact on the neighbourhood.  Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) recommends that the annex be conditioned to be ancillary to the main house.  GPC has assumed that the proposed extension does not exceed current guidance on volumetric increases.

19/01864 Bakers Oast Ladham Road Goudhurst

Single storey rear extension including glass canopy with the formation of a roof terrace with screen; Internal alterations and remodelling and the addition of rooflights to existing roof pitches; alterations to fenestration.

Recommend refusal

Goudhurst Parish Council considers that the design and visual appearance is not appropriate for a traditional Oast House.

19/01985 Three Chimneys Farm Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Installation of a new (electricity) sub station

Recommend approval

Essential public works.

19/01986 1 and 2 Brick Kiln Cottages Park Lane Goudhurst

Installation of a new (electricity) sub station

Recommend approval.

Essential public works.

Consultation on ‘Building for the High Weald’ – A Design Guide produced by Rother District Council for new housing development in the AONB.   

Goudhurst Parish Council’s comment:  This is a very well prepared document, with excellent photos to illustrate issues.  Goudhurst Parish Council welcomes it’s use as a source of guidance.


171/19 Following Minute 139/19.  It was noted that all Members have received a copy of an advice dated 26 July 2019 from on “What are the legal risks of using a personal account for business.”  


172/19 It was noted that Asst Clerk Mrs Claire Reed and Cllr Mrs Caroline Richards will both attend the KALC ‘Dynamic Councillor’ course on 29 August.  Mrs Reed will attend the KALC ‘The Clerk in Action’ course on 17 September 2019.


173/19 Recruitment of an Assistant Clerk (Clerk designate) in a part time role.  Following Minute 142/19.  It was noted that Mrs Claire Reed had taken up her appointment on 23 July 2019 working 18 hours a week.  


174/19 It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:

U001 RJ&L Hillier The Hop Bine rent Aug 19 £400.00

DD TWBC NNDR Public Conveniences Aug 19 £104.00

U002 AVB Farnfield Clerk’s Pay & expenses Jul 19 £2,365.68

U003 HM Revenue & Customs Clerk PAYE & NI Jul 19 £852.87

U004 Groundscare & General Services St Mary’s maint contract Jul 19 £2,735.04

U005 Capel Groundcare Chequer Field etc grounds maint Jul 19 £1,254.72

U006 John Fermor Landscapes Christ Church & Quarry Pond maint Jul £400.00

U007 Pearsons Landscapes The Plain grounds maint Jul £111.60

U008 Tenterden Twilight Premises Cleaning contracts Jul £645.16

U009 Microshade Business Consult Citrix Inv 12132 £122.28

U010 Richard Greenaway Minor maintenance jobs £62.00

U011 PCC Goudhurst Hop Pickers Line HG room hire Jul £20.00

U012 Viking Payments Stationery £10.15

U013 Viking Payments Stationery £43.15

U014 Invicta Law Legal Advice Traffic Regulation Order £859.56

U015 HP Inc UK Ltd (pay AVBF) Printer cartridges £98.47

U016 KALC Dynamic Cllr training Eventbrite 984784595 £60.00

U017 KALC Dynamic Cllr training Eventbrite 998779675 £72.00

U018 The Living Forest Ltd Burial Ground Chequer Tree maint £145.80

175/19 Receipts in July 2019      

Fishing Club subscriptions£35.00

CCLA dividend£11.81

176/19  Bank reconciliation.  Resolved to accept the Clerk’s explanation of the reconciliation of accounts to the end of July 2019 and noted that Council’s cash book balance was:

Nat West Current a/c £2,659.27

Unity Trust Bank current a/c £63,966.71

CCLA Public Sector Deposit Fund £20,432.76



177/19 09 September 2019.   Parish Council Meeting in the Jessel Room at 7.30 pm.  

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

Copyright © 1999- Goudhurst Parish Council