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at The Jessel Room in Goudhurst Parish Hall on Monday 08 April 2019 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:  Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Mrs Angela Broom, Christopher Ditton, Alan Foster, David Boniface, Philip Kirkby, Susan Newsam, Barry Noakes, Mrs Caroline Richards, Guy Sutton and Stephen Wickham.  County Cllr Seán Holden until 7.40 pm.     


001/19 were accepted from Cllr Chris Ditton (holiday).           


002/19 None were declared. 


003/19 It was resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 11 March 2019, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed by the Chairman as a correct record. 


There were none.


004/19 County Cllr Seán Holden briefed Council on KCC’s work in preparing for Brexit for which they have received £29m.  Currently KCC does not have the power to determine HGV routes across Kent.  The aim is to introduce routes covered by ANPR cameras so that HGVs going off the proscribed routes can be fined.  Bee pollinator action plans are going to KCC Cabinet for approval.  Cllr Holden has discretionary funds available should this Parish Council with to bid for Back Lane Play Area repairs.


The Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported:

005/19 Ducks on Goudhurst Pond. Following discussion at the Amenities Committee on 26 March 2019, it was unanimously resolved to refuse the request from the Goudhurst Village Pre-School for a duck house to be introduced onto Goudhurst Pond.  Members expressed the view that at a time of tight budgets, the upgrading of the Back Lane Play Area should take precedence.  A duck house would require ongoing maintenance. However, it was agreed that the Pre-School could put their young ducklings on the Pond at the appropriate time despite anticipated complaints from the public when they are hit by passing traffic.

006/19 Light Pollution.  The Amenities committee had considered a complaint by 2 house holders from Balcombes Lane/Bays Alley about light pollution from one particular street light on Town and Country land.  It was noted that this is an ongoing matter which has been raised with Town & County Housing several times in the past.  During a site visit in 2018, Council had reached a verbal agreement with Town and Country that they would fix an appropriate shade to the street light in question.  It was resolved that the Clerk will approach Town & Country once again about this issue.  

007/19 Land adjacent to the Back Lane Play Area.  It was resolved that a quote of £1,400 be accepted for clearing this area which is currently unusable.  It will then be used for extra parking.

008/19 The Plain notice board and the Quarry Pond notice board.   It was resolved to agree expenditure of £150.00 for the Plain notice board and £265.00 for the Quarry Pond board both of which had benefited from being refurbished

009/19 Defibrillator to be installed in the area of The Plain.  Council Minute 346/18. It was noted that the red phone kiosk purchased from Yorkshire is to be shot blasted and repainted.  Members are investigating the possibility of establishing it adjacent to the current BT kiosk opposite the War Memorial to house a further defibrillator.  It was noted that Mrs Georgia Read-Cutting held a defibrillator demonstration at Hammerton & Jones on 01 April 2019. 

010/19 The Tree survey of trees on the Parish Council estate.  It was noted that has been carried out by The Living Forest at a cost of £425.00 + VAT.  It was resolved to agree this expenditure and it was noted that their report is awaited.

011/19 The Goudhurst Website.  It was resolved to agree an 11% increase in Mr Bennett’s hourly rate for 2019/2020.  However, he will no longer be handling Facebook and Twitter activities on behalf of Council resulting in a £600.00 budget saving.

012/19 Electronic Vehicle Charge Point.  Following Minute 389/18.  It was noted that arrangements for the trenching in of the cables from the Parish Hall to two parking places on the north side of the Balcombes Hill toilet block is in hand.  It was noted that Tesla is sending us longer cables that are more suitable for the site at no charge.  There will be one Tesla charging plug and one for general use.

013/19 Tenterden Twilight Commercial Cleaning Co quote for the Balcombes Hill Toilet Block cleaning.  It was resolved to approve their quote of £146.30 a week for 01 April 2019 to 30 March 2020.

014/19 Tenterden Twilight Commercial Cleaning Co quote for the cleaning of The Hop Bine, Council’s new office.  It was resolved to approve their quote of £15.00 per visit for 01 April to 30 March 2020 with consumable cleaning materials charged separately.


The Chairman of the Burial Board reported:

015/19 Chequer Tree in the Burial Grounds.  This ‘very wind-blown’ young tree is to be pruned and reshaped by The Living Forest. It was resolved to agree the cost of £121.50 + VAT.  

016/19 The laurel hedge on the north side of the Burial Grounds.  The 50% reduction in height has been generally applauded with only one negative comment.  It had been suggested that Council should grub out the laurel and replace it with a native species hedge.  It was resolved to accept the Burial Board recommendation to Council that this hedge should be left as is to green up during the summer of 2019 with consideration for additional work or replacement perhaps in 2020/21.  It was noted that John Fermor, Contractor of Curtisden Green, has done an excellent job of tidying up along the area of this hedge.

017/19 Mechanical digging of graves.  Following a debate, it was resolved not to allow mechanical digging of graves at the Burial Grounds due to the fact that there are many vacant grave spaces yet to be used which are not reasonably accessible to mechanical diggers.

018/19 Request for lighting at the foot gate on the north wall of St Mary’s Churchyard (opposite the Weavers Cottages).   A risk assessment by the Clerk identified that there is a safety problem particularly when it is dark at this point due to a step close to the gate.  However there is no power source nearby and to trench a cable in would be prohibitively expensive.  Subsequently, Burial Board Chairman has identified some outdoor, motion sensing LED wireless battery lights that can be fixed to the adjacent Churchyard wall.  The cost will less than £100.00 fitted.

It was resolved to go ahead with this project. 

019/19 Request for an additional bench in the Burial Grounds.  Council has received such a request.  It was resolved to accept the Burial Board’s recommendation that the request be refused, the reason being that there are already 5 benches in the Burial Grounds.  Further additions lead to extra cost of repairs and maintenance.

020/19 Burial Board Finance.  It was noted that 2018/19 expenditure was largely in line with the Budget except for the unbudgeted expenditure on the relaying of the St Mary’s Churchyard brick path.  However grant funding of £6,000 from KCC and £1,000 from St Mary’s PCC had been received.  Burial Board fees were £1,000 in excess of budget.  


The Chairman of the Highways & Footpaths Committee reported verbally:

021/19 The A21: Application to reduce the speed limit.   Mr Ted Bennett (a resident on the A21 in this Parish) has received a letter from Highways England which he feels does not answer the questions he raised.   The matter will be discussed further at the next Highways & Footpaths meeting on 24 April 2019.

022/19 Parking in Goudhurst.  Following Minute 413/18.  It was noted that Parish Council Chairman, Cllr Antony Harris, has carried out some informal research which reveals that 32 cars come into Goudhurst on an average weekday.  He plans to approach the Social Club for a meeting to discuss the situation. In the meantime, Council will consider how the Lower Glebe Field might be used for local employees of shops and businesses in central Goudhurst to park during the day. 


Council noted the following Decisions from TWBC published in March 2019:  


18/02954 Rose Cottage North Road Goudhurst

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling

Granted permission

18/03321 The Old Vicarage Rogers Rough Road Kilndown

Installation of solar panels on south facing roof of dwelling

Granted permission

18/03519 Mount House Ranters Lane Goudhurst

Installation of outdoor swimming pool with safety cover and associated landscaping, and erection of outbuilding/summerhouse

Granted permission

19/00045 Glendoon Colliers Green Road Goudhurst Cranbrook

Demolition of stable buildings and outbuilding and erection of an annexe and stable block plus associated minor landscaping

Refused permission

19/00072 Stream Farmhouse Summerhill Goudhurst

Conversion of detached office building to single Dwellinghouse

Granted permission

19/00129 Little Bewl Bridge Farm Hastings Road Lamberhurst

Front entrance porch

Granted permission

19/00130 Little Bewl Bridge Farm Hastings Road Lamberhurst

Listed Building Consent – Front entrance porch

Granted permission

024/19 APPLICATIONS considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee in March 2019 with representations here approved by Council:

19/00280 Land adjacent to The Old Parsonage Balcombes Hill Goudhurst

Erection of 14 dwellings with associated infrastructure and landscaping

Recommend approval

This application arises as a result of the appeal inspectors report on application 15/510395, followed by dialogue with TWBC planning officers and members of the Goudhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan team.   Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) believes that, subject to a number of conditions, the proposal is broadly acceptable, although some doubt is expressed about the need for the 2 x 4-bedroom units.  In addition, GPC must insist that the following issues are the subject of tight conditioning:

● Hours of work;

● Off-road parking of workers during construction;

● Mud and dust control during construction;

● Selection of all building material and their colour;

● Protection of trees and hedges which are to be retained, during the construction process;

● No street lighting;

● Removal of permitted development rights;

GPC would also ask that officers consider:

● Improvements to  sight lines at the access;

● Additional visitor parking;

● Whether there should be natural screening on the southern border of the site, to protect the dwellings in Tiddymotts Lane from overlooking.

19/00264 Peacock Inn Cranbrook Road Goudhurst

Recommend approval

Installation of new trade kitchen extractor and replacement timber storage shed

Goudhurst Parish Council has no problem with the replacement storage shed, but is concerned at the appearance of the flue of the kitchen extractor unit, which is an unattractive addition to this listed building.   Could officers negotiate a scheme to mitigate the visual impact of this addition.

19/00542 Peacock Inn Cranbrook Road Goudhurst

LBC: Installation of new trade kitchen extractor and replacement timber storage shed

Recommend approval

Goudhurst Parish Council has no problem with the replacement storage shed, but is concerned at the appearance of the flue of the kitchen extractor unit, which is an unattractive addition to this listed building.   Could officers negotiate a scheme to mitigate the visual impact of this addition.

19/00318 Spindles West Road Goudhurst

First floor side extension above existing single storey extension. Erection of car port and garage to side; alterations to fenestration; relocation of existing shed; two rooflights to front elevation; re-roof existing dwelling with zinc roof

Recommend approval

This house is very well screened from public viewpoints, so that the proposed first floor extension will have minimal impact.   On the assumption that the volume increase complies with policy, GPC is content that the application is approved.


18/03975 1 Welches Ladham Road Goudhurst 

Demolition of existing rear extension and replacement of a new single storey rear extension

Recommend approval

This is a well designed proposal.  On the assumption that it complies with policy on volume increase, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that approval is granted.

Appeal Notification 

18/0526 Marlingate Granary Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Appeal against TWBC’s refusal of permission to erect a single storey rear extension including a glass link and store room

Having reviewed the agent’s appraisal statement, Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) concludes that the host building is too small to be extended into a family home without suffering unacceptable harm.  GPC therefore supports TWBC’s refusal of this application.


025/19 It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:

4615 RJ&L Hillier The Hop Bine rent Apr 19 £400.00

DD TWBC NNDR Public Conveniences Apr £107.38

4616 AVB Farnfield Clerk’s Pay & expenses Mar 19 £2,600.64

4617 HM Revenue & Customs Clerk PAYE & NI Mar 19 £920.89

4618 Groudscare & General Services St Mary’s main contract Mar 19 £1,325.28

4619 Capel Groundcare Chequer Field etc grounds maint Mar 19 £1,187.86

4620 John Fermor Landscapes Kilndown Christ Church & Quarry Pond £200.00

4621 Pearsons Landscapes The Pond & Plain grounds maint Mar £111.60

4622 Tenterden Twilight Toilet Block cleaning Mar £715.00

4623 Paul & Eileen Landon War Memorial garden maint £25.00

4624 Microshade Business Consult Citrix Inv 11677 £61.14

4625 Richard Greenaway Repair the Plain notice board £150.00

4626 Richard Greenaway Repair Quarry Pond notice board £265.00

4627 Richard Greenaway Hop Pickers Line info board (Finchcocks) £139.61

4628 Tate Fencing Quarry notice board repair materials £29.27

4629 Tate Fencing The Plain notice board repair materials £130.01

4630 Arron Services Ltd Computer cables new office £30.00

4631 Infinity Technology Solutions Communications system new office £810.00

4632 Kent Assoc Local Councils Annual membership subscription 2019 £1051.97

4633 The Living Forest Ltd Tree Survey St Mary’s £510.00

4634 Safes Co UK Post box new office (A Foster) £50.70

4635 Pear Technology Mapping services annual subscrip £168.00

4636 Action in Rural Kent Membership 2019 £75.00

4637 Tracey Smith St Mary’s land drain £300.00

4638 Conetics Ltd Electric Vehicle charge points install’n £4,896.00

4639 RV Stedman Moles clearance Village Green £80.00

4640 Bennett Matthews Website and e-mail services 2019 £1,513.30

4641 Communicorp Local Councils update £100.00

4642 Merit Thornton NDP Consultancy services £1,256.16

4643 HP Inc UK  (AVBF) Printer cartridges £116.12

4644 Nisbets (AVBF) Towel dispenser GPC office £33.57

4645 Ryman Stationery (AVBF) Office stationery £19.98

4646 Charity Farm Countrystore Office door mat £68.94

4647 Lakeland (AVBF) Office storage boxes £59.98

4648 Arron Services Ltd Mouse for Planning Cttee laptop £33.54

DD EOn Energy Plain street light and K’down kiosk £22.49

DD Veolia Environmental Services Burial Grounds bin Mar 19 £152.35                   

026/19 Receipts in March 2019      

Burial Board £1,305.00

Hillier – Reimburse GPC cost of office carpet £783.33

NatWest Business Reserve interest £4.90

CCLA dividend £12.36

027/19  Bank reconciliation.  Resolved to accept the Clerk’s explanation of the reconciliation of accounts to the end of February 2019 and noted that Council’s cash book balance was:

Nat West Current a/c £4,792.64

Nat West Business Reserve £22,778.23

CCLA Public Sector Deposit Fund £20.381.08


028/19 Statement of receipts and payments against budget for April 2018 to March 2019.  Members noted that there are no significant unexplained variances from Budget.


029/19 The Clerk reported that there are 4 candidates contesting 3 seats in the Kilndown Parish Ward and 2 candidates contesting the Curtisden Ward.  However, in the Goudhurst Parish Ward only 7 candidates put their names forward for 8 seats so the 7 candidates are automatically elected uncontested.   Election results will be posted on www.tunbridgewells.gov.uk shortly after the elections on 02 May 2019


030/19 New Office Accommodation.  Following Minute 423/18. The Clerk reported that he had completed most of the move to The Hop Bine at Risebridge Farm, Goudhurst TN17 1HN at the end of March 2019. 


031/19 13 May 2019.   Parish Council Annual Meeting in the  Jessel Room, Goudhurst Parish Hall.  7.30 pm.  

032/19 The Goudhurst Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 17 April 2019 in Goudhurst Parish Hall from 7.30 pm.

The meeting closed at 9.10 pm

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

copyright © 1999- Goudhurst Parish Council