TalkTalk upgrade to faster internet in Goudhurst

Internet provider TalkTalk has taken advantage of Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) in Goudhurst village’s telephone exchange and is now offering faster connections over ADSL2. Prices start at £21.50/month for a 2-year contract (speeds up to 19 Mbps), with unlimited downloads, in the central area of the village. (Lower speeds will be achieved away from the centre).
TalkTalk’s package compares favourably with independent provider CallFlow’s cheapest offering of speeds up to 30 Mbps for £39.99/month (18-month contract) and downloads limited to 40GB/month.
It is unclear whether other Internet providers (ISPs) will follow TalkTalk’s lead, but it looks likely. Some BT Internet customers received a message last week about an exchange upgrade. If other ISPs start installing their own equipment as TalkTalk has done, it will be good news for residents of the parish. It will be possible to achieve faster internet speeds whilst retaining discounts from bundled products such as TV and mobile phone, at a lower overall cost.