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Minutes of a Meeting held on Tuesday 16 July 2019 at the Jessel Room at 7.30 pm

Present:  Cllrs Craig Broom (Chairman), Antony Harris and David Knight.   

Apologies were accepted from: Cllrs Chris Ditton and Guy Sutton.  Lorne Mitchell Esq (Adviser).

Declarations of Interest.  There were none.

Council to ratify these proposed Terms of Reference:

Terms of Reference and responsibilities of this Committee.  The Committee will seek to identify a core of members from the business community to help develop initiatives. 

Members of the public and business representatives will be welcome to attend meetings:

Mr Lorne Mitchell (Adviser) will be a non-voting member of the Committee, 

Objective: To support and promote new and existing business facilities and infrastructure within our Parish by:

1. Providing a forum for local business to raise and discuss their needs, issues and concerns

2. Supporting and promoting specific initiatives that improve business facilities and infrastructure 

within the Parish

3. Acting as a point of coordination and information sharing for Parish wide business initiatives

4. Providing cross committee coordination for issues raised 

5. Sharing business initiative with residents’ groups where there may be a shared benefit

6. Aim to increase local employment including apprenticeships

7. Supporting start-ups businesses 

Meetings will be held on the third Monday of every month (or as needed) at 17:30 hrs in the Jessel Room.

Businesses in the Parish will be informed of the meetings by the Clerk through Agendas and Minutes. A list of businesses contacts will be shared and updated by the committee bearing in mind GDPR requirements.

Engagement Plan.  Organisations in categories will be approached to be invited to participate in this Committee’s activities.

Group A:  Traders in Goudhurst Village, Restaurants.

Group B:   Businesses, e.g. St James’ Place, Legal practices, Farmers, Manufacturers, Marketeers, Suppliers, Individual home workers.


There are many different communications channels in the Parish but there is not a single point where all activities or plans can be seen. The Neighbourhood Plan sets out a communications project (P5) and it was agreed at the meeting that this group would take on responsibility for that project. Options discussed included:

Goudhurst in Business Facebook page provides information about Goudhurst Businesses. The option of using Facebook to communicate the actions of this committee were discussed.  There are many problems with managing Facebook content and managing responses. The use of Facebook will need to be further investigated and a decision on whether this Committee should use Facebook will be taken when we have an Engagement Plan. 

Goudhurst Website.  https://goudhurst.co.uk   There may be the option to make use Goudhurst site for communications but we would need a clear strategy for collecting and managing any content and then maintaining it over time. It was recognised that this would not be a small piece of work

Parish Magazine.  Schedule of Activities (Richard Vinton).  The Parish Magazine provides good information but the distribution is not universal.

Tourism.  Should this Committee address Tourism e.g. publicity? 

Venues for meetings.  Goudhurst Parish Hall and the Social Club are good.  Also Kilndown Village Hall on occasions.

Other Parishes activities.  Check what other Parishes are doing about communicating with their businesses e.g.  Cranbrook and their Parish Cake quarterly publication.

Publicity.  It was agreed in principle that Goudhurst Parish should produce an A4 folded twice pamphlet with contributions from traders operating in this Parish.

Scope of Operations.  It was agreed that this Committee should ‘start small’. We will need to develop and overall approach and gain consensus on future activities.

Broadband.  We need to review where Goudhurst Parish is now with various Broadband schemes and groups planning installation. There are grants available and we will investigate the potential to create addition pockets of broadband imstallation.

Vice Chairman of the Committee.  Cllr David Knight willing volunteered.

Next meeting.  Monday 19 August.  Jessel Room at 7.30 pm 

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm

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