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Minutes of a Meeting held on Tuesday 22 October 2019 at The Quarry Centre, Kilndown 

Present:  Cllrs Mrs Caroline Richards (Chairman), Phil Kirkby, Barry Noakes and Gut Sutton..   

Cllr Antony Harris (ex-officio).

Also Mr David Nichol (Adviser and Representative of the Friends of St Mary’s). 

Apologies were accepted from: None were offered. 

Declarations of Interest.  There were none.

Prior to the start of the Meeting, Members and the Clerks carried out a walk round inspection of Christ Church KIlndown Churchyard at 6.00 pm.  

General maintenance.

The Christ Church Churchyard was found to be neat, tidy and well kept.

Bench maintenance. It was agreed that the ‘Carwithen’ bench is in need of a rub down and oiling and the Clerk will arrange for the work to be done.

Christ Church Trees.  It was noted that there is a dead cherry tree on the north curtilage overhanging the garden of  The Old School, a private property.  It was agreed that the Clerk will arrange for this tree to be felled.

Also foliage of one of the yew trees is in contact with the north west corner of the Church building.  It was agreed that the Clerk will contact out tree contractor to put remedial action in hand.


2019/20 Actual expenditure against Budget.  It was noted that expenditure was largely in line with the Budget. 

2020/21 Budget.  It was agreed to recommend to Council that this should remain largely the same as the 2019/20 Budget.   

St Mary’s Trees

St Mary’s Yews and Cherry Trees.  It was noted that the Clerk is arranging a site meeting with our tree contractor.  This will be on a Friday and Mr David Nichol will attend to represent the Friends of St Mary’s.  Mrs Ali Williams, St Mary’s Church Warden will also attend.  

St Mary’s Restricted Parking Signs.

These replacement signs are to be placed on the bank on the south side of St Mary’s Church to the east of the Back Lane steps.  The Clerk has had them made up and Mr Greenaway will be installing them soon in consultation with the Church Warden and the Friends of St Mary’s.

Clean Up Day.

Clean Up Day at St Mary’s.  It was reconfirmed that the rearranged date for this is Saturday 09 November 2019.  

Next Meeting.

17 March 2020 at St Mary’s Church. Starting at 6.00 pm with a walk round of the Churchyard and Burial Grounds.   

The meeting closed at  7.15 pm

  Anthony Farnfield, Clerk

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