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Minutes of a Meeting held on Tuesday 16 October 2018 at The Quarry Centre 

Present:  Cllrs Mrs Susan Newsam (Chairman), Mrs Angela Broom, Barry Noakes and Caroline Richards.   

Also Mr David Nichol (Adviser). 

Apologies were accepted from: Cllrs Antony Harris and Guy Sutton.  Also Mr David Nichol (adviser) 

Declarations of Interest.  There were none.

Prior to the start of the Meeting, Members and the Clerk carried out a walk round inspection of Christ Church Churchyard at 6.30 pm.  There were no matters needing attention.

Churchyard and Burial Grounds Maintenance. 

Brick Path at St Mary’s repair funding.  The Clerk briefed Members that £5k or £6k will be received from KCC and £1k from St Mary’s PCC (who are currently burdened with Quinquennial Inspection costs).

Tree Inspection.  It was noted that Council has not had a formal Tree Inspection for at least the last 20 years and probably longer.  The Clerk is minded to recommend to Council that this be done and in the meantime he will research probable costs for budgeting purposes.   This proposal had general support.

Yew Trees in the Victorian Cemetery at St Mary’s..  This is a carry forward item from the Burial Board meeting in July 2018.  Members would like the yew trees to be topped and ‘shaped’.  It was agreed that Cllrs Mrs Susan Newsam and Angela Broom will make enquires of Living Forest.

Small gate at the bottom of the Burial Grounds.  The Clerk will put in hand the necessary repairs. 

Laurel Hedge between the Children’s Play Area and the Burial Grounds.  It was noted that, with the approval of St Mary’s PCC, half of the length of the hedge has been reduced by 50% in height.  The Clerk is in touch with Mr Ed Bates to have the rest of this hedge cut to the same height.

Cherry Trees on the bank on the south side of St Mary’s Church along Back Lane.  These will be included in the planned Tree Inspection of all trees under Parish Council control.  

Edging of the ‘top’ Ashes Plot in the St Mary’s Burial Grounds.   Mr Richard Greenaway has been briefed on what needs to be done. 


2017/18 Budget.  Provisional figures have been ‘pencilled in’ for further review before they are presented to Council. 

Clean Up Day

Clean Up Day at St Mary’s.  This was held on 13 October 2018.  The weather was fine and about 14 volunteers turned up. The giant trailer loaned by Mr Will Thompson was filled with arisings. 

The meeting closed at  7.25 pm

Anthony Farnfield, Clerk

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