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Minutes of a Meeting held on Tuesday 20 March 2018 at The Jessel Room <

Present:Cllrs Mrs Susan Newsam (Chairman), Mrs Angela Broom, Barry Noakes, Caroline Richards and Guy Sutton.

Also Mr David Nichol (Adviser).

Apologies: None.

Declarations of Interest

There were none.

Churchyard and Burial Grounds Maintenance

The Clerk reported that there are no significant matters needing attention at present.He will however be following up on:< Trees. He proposes commissioning a Tree Inspection of all trees on Council’s land and this will include the trees at St Mary’s and Christ Church.

Brick Footpath across St Mary’s Churchyard. The Chairman reported that the TWBC Conservation and Urban Design Officer (Debbie Maltby) has agreed in discussions that the Path should be repaired. A number of organisations and companies have been approached for quotes to carry out the work including DBR Southern, English Heritage Gardens, Yew Tree Stone, Terswin Stone and Mr Tracy Smith. DBR Southern and Mr Tracy Smith have both met Council on site, the latter on 14 February 2018 with a St Mary’s Church Warden (Mrs Alison Williams) and the St Mary’s Fabric Officer (Mr Richard Hillier). It was agreed to accept the advice that carrying out a partial repair is not the solution. The St Mary’s representatives emphasised the importance of improving the brick path surface because of the difficulties disabled people in wheelchairs have difficulties using it to attend Church. It was noted that subsequently Debbie Maltby has agreed verbally with the Chairman of the Burial Board that a complete re-lay of the brick path using existing bricks is acceptable from the Conservation point of view. It was noted that no planning application is needed for the proposed relaying of the path.

There is to be a site meeting of St Mary’s PCC representatives with the St Mary’s Church Architect and the Diocesan Advisory Board at St Mary’s on 04 April and the Burial Board will take the opportunity to raise the matter of the brick path for approval then.

It was agreed to recommend to Council that the quote for a complete relay from Mr Tracy Smith be accepted. In the meantime it was agreed to instruct Mr Smith to carry out minor works to level up parts of the flagstone path adjacent to St Mary’s at the west end so as to eliminate several potential trips.

Meeting with our mowing and hedging Contractor, Mr Steve Bryant.The Clerk will arrange this.

The Ridgway Enclosure. The Chairman reported that she is in contact with Historic England with a view to obtaining grant funds for the renovation of this enclosure of 4 graves that has fallen into a bad state of repair.

The iron handrail from Back Lane steps up towards the Church Building. The Clerk has asked Mr Richard Greenaway to repaint it and the job is now nearly complete.


The figures for the 2017/18 budget against actual receipts and payments.It was noted that Fees were 10% better than budget.Payments were 1.7% over budget due to the unplanned replacement notice board at Goudhurst Burial Grounds and an overspend on Christ Church grounds maintenance.

Clean Up Day

Clean Up Day at St Mary’s and Christ Church.It was agreed that this will be held on 13 October 2018.The Clerk will inform both Christ Church PCC and the Friends of St Mary’s so that they can participate as they have done successful in previous years.

The meeting closed at 8.05 pm

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