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To:  Members of the Goudhurst Burial Board

Cllrs Mrs Susan Newsam (Chairman), Mrs Angela Broom, Barry Noakes and Guy Sutton.

Cllrs Antony Harris, Alan Foster and Phil Kirkby (all ex-officio)

Mr David Nichol as adviser.  

There will be a Meeting of the Goudhurst Burial Board to be held at The Jessel Room, Goudhurst on Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 7.30 pm.

Members of the Public and the Press are welcome to attend this meeting.  At the Chairman’s discretion members of the public may be invited to speak for a maximum of 3 minutes each relating to items on the Agenda.  Please state your name and address prior to speaking.  Smoking is not allowed during Council meetings.  Please switch off mobile phones.

Anthony Farnfield     ………………………………………………………………..

Clerk 13 March 2019

The South Oast at Smugley Farm, Bedgebury Road, Goudhurst TN17 2QU

01580 212552                    

Quorum for a Burial Board Meeting is 3 Members


1. To receive Apologies for absence

2. Churchyard, Cemetery and Burial Grounds Maintenance items at St Mary’s and Christ Church 

To receive a verbal report from the Clerk on current matters, and to decide on recommendations to Council for approval.  

3. Finance.

To review Burial Board receipts and payments against budget for 2018/19. 

4. Clean-Up Day at St Mary’s and Christ Church

To agree that this event be held on 19 October 2019.

5. Date of the next meetings:  16 July 2019 at St Mary’s Church

22 October at Kilndown Quarry Centre

6. Items for Information

Report from The Clerk

1. Recent work by Mr Tracey Smith, contractor.  Broken slab by Back Lane steps has been replaced at a cost of £100.00.  Council has accepted his quote of £300.00 to install a small land rain on the west side of the paved path from the area of the Bathurst enclosure down to the Back Lane steps.  This will stop rain water causing the much complained about puddle on the paved path.

2. Chequer Tree in the Burial Grounds by the Ashes plots.  This to be pruned and reshaped by The Living Forest at a cost of £121.50 + VAT.  It is very ‘wind blown’.

3. The Yews.  The Living Forest is to carry out pruning to restore the shape structure to the eastern end Yew in the old cemetery at the cost of £238.00 + VAT (Minute 272/18 refers).  The work will be carried out in May 2019 being ‘the right time of year’. Note:  if the result of this trial is to Council’s liking, a budget provision will need to be made for the wrok on the rest of the Yews in May 2020.

4. The laurel hedge on the north side of the Burial Grounds.  The 50% reduction in height has been generally applauded with only one negative comment.  Should Council plan to grub out the laurel and replace it with a native species hedge?  John Fermor, Contractor of Curtisden Green has done an excellent job of tidying up along the area of this hedge.

5. Mechanical digging of graves.  Waterhouse of Burwash recently dug a grave with a mechanical digger.  The grave in question was alongside the central tarmac drive so there was little mess.  Clerk believes this could be the start of more grave diggers operating in this was.  Does Council think it prudent to establish a policy on this?  There was outrage a few months ago when Waterhouse mechanically dug a grave at Christ Church Kilndown.

6 The interment of the late Robert Cleveland-Stevens.  The 8th interment in an enclosure purchased in 1924.

7. Request for lighting at the footgate on the north wall of St Mary’s Churchyard (opposite the Weavers Cottages).   Members might like to inspect the site prior to this meeting.


13 March 2019

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