OpenReach upgrade to faster internet in Goudhurst

OpenReach now offers faster fixed broadband speed, following upgrade to roadside cabinets in the village. Speeds up to 17 Mbps are possible in the central area of the village. (Lower speeds will be achieved away from the centre). Openreach’s connections are used by major broadband providers BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk and many others. All offer identical connection speed.
Callflow’s alternative independent broadband service is available at both higher speed and cost.
Mobile broadband from EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 offers a high speed option, usually with limited data, if a good mobile data signal can be received. Many parts of the parish have good coverage, with high data speed.
EE has recently introduced mobile broadband of up to 500GB per month
, a very high amount, intended for heavy downloading from services such as YouTube, iPlayer, Sky On Demand and Netflix.
BT Openreach Checker