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Minutes of a Meeting held on 24 September 2019 in the Jessel Room

Present: Cllrs Chris Ditton (Chairman), David Boniface, Alan Foster, Antony Harris and David Knight.

Apologies were accepted from:  Cllrs Mrs Jayne Russell and Phil Kirkby.

Declarations of interest:  None declared.

Questions and Statements from the Public.  There were none.

The Village Green (the Upper Glebe Field).  

It was agreed to recommend to council that the quotation from Capel Groundcare be accepted. 

Council however noted comments by members of the public about the possibility of rolling the area to be improved but the Committee was of the opinion that this would not have the effect required of improving the whole facility for all users of the Green.  

Glebe Field (the Village Green) – Notices to inform the public of statutory closures. The Committee approved the wording of notices to inform the public of closures of the path around

the Village Green on certain dates for legal reasons.

Defibrillators. Mrs Georgia Read-Cutting gave a verbal report on the progress of establishing the refurbished red phone kiosk at The Plain and the defibrillator which is to be repositioned from the rear of the Star and Eagle. Cllr Chris Ditton confirmed that work is to be carried out in the coming weeks to level the area of tarmac on the spot where the phone kiosk is to be positioned and arrangements have been made to collect the kiosk from Stephen Wickham and deliver it to The Plain.  It was noted that Mrs Read-Cutting plans further training for interested people and offered to take care of the maintenance of the defibrillator,  Assistant Clerk will check this arrangement with SECAmb.  Mrs Read-Cutting informed Council that she had arranged for the pupils of Goudhurst and Kilndown CE Primary School to create a mosaic for the floor of the phone kiosk. It was agreed that Council will not insure this defibrillator because it is owned by SECAmb. It was also agreed that the publicity is important and will be dealt with by Assistant Clerk.  However Mrs Read-Cutting has volunteered to arrange an ‘opening ceremony’ for the phone kiosk and she will engage with the press.  Members thanked Mrs Read-Cutting for her hard work on this project.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points. Cllr Chris Ditton informed the Amenities Committee that the markings are to be painted on the surface of the two parking slots on the north side of the public lavatories in the week commencing 30 Sep 2019, weather permitting. (Minute 154/19 refers).

Royal Mail letterboxes.  It was noted that, subsequent to this meeting, Assistant Clerk had once again written to the Royal Mail asking that the letter box removed from the A262 Cranbrook Road, opposite the Goudhurst Inn, to the Taywell Farm shop some 250 yards to the east be moved again to a site offered by Mr Donald Sargeant at the Weald Service Station forecourt. However, Royal Mail had been unwilling to engage in any further discussion siting Data Protection Legislation. Assistant Clerk has spoken with KALC who advise the Chairman should now write to Royal Mail.

Goudhurst in Bloom. Amenities Committee noted that the prize giving held on Thursday 29 August at the Star & Eagle had been a great success and there had been a large turnout. Council wished to thank Angela Broom and Gillian Wallis Hosken for all their hard work in judging and organising the prize giving ceremony. 

Kent Search and Rescue.  Cllr Alan Foster proposed that the Council make a modest grant of £500 to Kent Search and Rescue who were recently involved in the search for a vulnerable resident of the Parish. Amenities Committee recommends to Council that the grant be approved.

Hedge along the drive to the Vicarage that is on the south side of the Village Green. 

The Assistant Clerk gave a verbal report on a proposal to grub out the hedge in question and replace it with a post and rail fence. One member requested that the Assistant Clerk investigate the cost and viability of the hedge being more regularly cut back to improve visibility, as an alternative course of action.  To be discussed further with the Tate Fencing estimator.

Extra benches and litter bins on the Village Green and Lower Glebe.

It was agreed that members of the Amenities committee will meet on Wednesday 16 October at 9.00 am on the Village Green to look at the potential for installing benches and litter bins. 

Christ Church Kilndown Church Clock.  

It was noted that The Clerk has been approached for a Grant from Council towards the cost. Cllr David Knight will liaise with Helen Robertson of Kilndown.

Hedge between Goudhurst Parish Hall and the Pond.  

The Amenities Committee received a proposal from the Chairman of the Goudhurst Parish Hall Trust to remove the hedge by the Pond and to continue the existing post and rail fencing around the South side of the pond. Assistant Clerk to obtain quotations for new fencing only. 

Glebe Field (the Village Green) – Notices to inform the public of statutory closures..  

The Committee approved the wording of notices to inform the public of closures of the path around the Village Green on certain dates for legal reasons.

Dog Fouling.  

New enforcement procedures by TWBC were noted and it was agreed that the Clerk will order additional ‘No Dog Fouling’ notices to replace worn out ones across the Parish.

Duck House for Goudhurst Pond.  

Committee recommended that Council should invite the original proposer to the next Council meeting to answer further questions and to agree to certain commitments relating to the cost and design of the proposed Duck House and particularly the matter of ongoing maintenance.  

Blocked drains at the Balcombes Hill Toilet Block.  It was noted that Cllr Alan Foster has been in contact with Southern Water regarding the regular blocking of the drains at the Public toilets on Balcombes Hill. When the drains next block, Southern Water are to be contacted in order for investigation work to be carried out.

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

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