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Minutes of a Meeting held on 28 May 2019 in the Jessel Room

Present: Cllrs Chris Ditton (Chairman), David Boniface, Alan Foster and Antony Harris. 

Also: Cllrs David Knight and Mrs Jayne Russell as observers.

Apologies were accepted from:  None.

Declarations of interest:  None declared.

Questions and Statements from the Public.  There were none.

This being the first Amenities Committee meeting following the election of the ‘new’ Parish Council, the Clerk presented an update on current issues:

Land at Chequer Field.  It was noted that the transfer of the Title from TWBC has been outstanding since 2011 due to legal difficulties at TWBC since 2011.  The Parish Council’s legal adviser is in touch with TWBC but it seems that a conclusion to the matter is not imminent.

The Village Green (the Upper Glebe Field).  

  1. Council has a request from the Friends of Goudhurst Village Green (FGVG) for the goal posts to be repaired or replaced.
  2. Council needs to agree arrangements for the annual closure of the path around the north and west sides of the Green in accordance with GPC/Diocese of Canterbury lease.

No specific action was agreed and the items will be taken forward to a later meeting of the Amenities Committee

Light Pollution from Town and Country Housing Assoc land.  It was noted that this is a long outstanding matter to be taken forward by the Housing Committee together with other issues involving Town & Country Housing,

Defibrillators.  In the Parish there is 1 defibrillator in the red phone kiosk near Kilndown Quarry Centre and 1 on the outside wall at Goudhurst & Kilndown CE Primary School.  It was noted that there are plans to establish a third one in the centre of Goudhurst.  Two former Parish Councillors, Mrs Georgia Read-Cutting and Mrs Susan Newsam are bringing energy and expertise to the Defibrillator projects.

The red phone kiosk from Yorkshire. Presently being shot blasted and repainted. The intention is to use it to house a defibrillator.

Tree Survey.  Carried out in February 2019.  The comprehensive report from the contractor indicates several trees should be felled or have further investigation/remedial work.  Clerk to draw up a plan of action with expected costs.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points. Installed and in use at Balcombes Hill in April 2019 (Minute 052/19 refers). Noted that the site needs extra signage. Also the lay-by surface to be painted a contrasting colour to the adjacent road surface?

Replacement litter bin in Back Lane.  Noted that the Clerk is in touch with a contractor for installation.

Annual Litter Pick.   Noted that this was successfully completed on 23/24 March.  However participation was reduced probably due to TWBC indicating that their equipment should not be used on roads with a speed limit over 30 mph. Noted also that there are some volunteers that litter pick year round.  

Royal Mail letterboxes.  It was noted that the letter box at the junction of Kilndown Road and the A21 London Road has disappeared.  The Clerk will check with the Royal Mail to ascertain if it has been withdrawn by them or perhaps stolen.

Quarry Pond Forestry barrier gate.  Chairman Amenities Committee and the Clerk are obtaining quotes for a replacement since the current one is beyond repair due to rot.  

Notice Boards at:

  • The Plain.  Refurbished in March 2019. 
  • Curtisden Green.  Considered in need of major refreshment or replacement
  • Kilndown by the Pond.  Refurbished in March 2019
  • Kilndown by Kilndown Village Hall.  Not Parish Council property
  • Goudhurst Village Green (Top Glebe Field).  Amenities Committee to consider introducing one.
  • Tourist Information Board at The Plain.  Presently situated by Goudhurst Parish Hall.

Goudhurst in Bloom.  Arrangements by Mrs Angela Broom and Mrs Gill Wallis-Hosken are in hand for the 2019 competition. Prize giving is on 29 August at the Star & Eagle.

Kilndown Fishing Club.  Noted that Council has received some membership subscriptions for the 2019/20 season

Christ Church Kilndown clock. Council has received a request from a resident in Kilndown for Parish Council support for the refurbishment of the Christ Church Kilndown clock.  It was agreed that the Clerk will respond asking for further details of funds raised so far and costs. 

Christ Church Kilndown loop.  Council has received a request from Christ Church PCC for help in raising funds for the installation of a hearing loop at Christ Church.  The request was supported by a paper on relevant legislation and quotes from 2 suppliers of such equipment.  It was agreed to offer a grant of £100.00 under delegated authority.  The Clerk advised the Committee that there is conflicting legislation on grant funding to local church buildings.  LGA 1894 s8(1)(i) prohibits such financial support but LGA1972, s137(1) or(3) is a different view of the legal position.   The Clerk will contact Christ Church PCC to offer this grant.          

The Meeting closed at 8.35.pm 

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

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