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Minutes of a Meeting held on 23 July 2019 in the Jessel Room

Present: Cllrs Chris Ditton (Chairman), David Boniface, Alan Foster Antony Harris, David Knight and Mrs Jayne Russell.

 Apologies were accepted from:  None.

Declarations of interest:  None declared.

Questions and Statements from the Public.  There were none.

Appointment of a Vice Chairman.  It was resolved that Cllr Alan Foster be appointed to this role until further notice

Land at Chequer Field.  It was noted, as it has been on a number of occasions in previous Minutes of this Committee, that the transfer of the Title from TWBC has been outstanding since 2011 due to legal difficulties at TWBC with a certain landowner.  The Parish Council’s legal adviser is in touch with TWBC but it seems that a conclusion to the matter is not imminent.

The Village Green (the Upper Glebe Field).  

  1. Council has a request from the Friends of Goudhurst Village Green (FGVG) for the goal posts to be repaired or replaced.  It was agreed that Cllr Chris Ditton will seek quotes for this project.
  2. It was agreed that the Clerk will have some signs made up to give notice to the public regarding the closure of the path around the north and west sides of the Green in accordance with Council’s lease from the Diocese of Canterbury.

Kilndown Portable Goals for the Millennium Green.  On 16 July 2019 an eminent and well known resident of Kilndown e-mailed one of the Kilndown Parish Ward Councillors seeking a grant of £214.99 to purchase a set of 2 portable goalposts for use on the Millennium Green.  Amenities Committee noted that the Millennium Green Trust had received grant funding already this year.  In any case this application should be processed by the Parish Council’s Youth Committee.  Amenities Committee will seek further details of the Millennium Green’s finances but in the meantime recommends to Council that the grant be approved as it is a relatively modest sum.

Defibrillators.  A report from Mrs Susan Newsam on 15 July was considered.  Cllr Alan Foster and Mrs Newsam confirmed that Kent Highways had offered no objection to an informal request for permission to establish our red kiosk (purchased from a Parish in Yorkshire) on the footway opposite Goudhurst War Memorial and immediately adjacent to the current BT 80s style kiosk.  It was noted that the UK Power Network quote to provide energy to our red kiosk at £1,809.00 + VAT plus £695.00 for a heated defib cabinet was well beyond Council’s current budget.  Thus it was recommended for Council’s approval that Mrs Newsam’s Option No 4 in her report should be implemented; that is to make use of an insulated bag donated by the Community Heartbeat Trust to the Parish Council and to purchase a new ‘skin’ to cover the old damaged SecAMB cabinet at a cost of approximately £25.00.  See Mrs Newsam’s report (attached) for progress on other elements of the project.  Council applauded the good work done on this project by Mrs Newsam and by Mrs Georgia Resd-Cutting 

Tree Survey.  The Clerk presented a written report (attached).  Relating to the Cherry Trees on the south side of St Mary’s, the Church Warden is seeking permission from the Archdeacon for them to be felled.  One Yew Tree in the Victorian Cemetery has had a ‘haircut’ as a demonstration of the work needed to reshape the rest of the Yews.  More extensive and costly work is required to the trees at Kilndown Quarry Pond. The Clerk is following up in consultation with the Chairmen of the Amenities Committee and the Burial Board.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points. Installed and in use at Balcombes Hill in April 2019 (Minute 052/19 refers). Recommend to Council that expenditure of £550.00 be agreed for the appropriate signs to be painted on the surface of the two parking slots on the north side of the public lavatories. 

Royal Mail letterboxes.  It was noted that, subsequent to this meeting, Council has written to the Royal Mail asking that the letter box removed from the A262 Cranbrook Road opposite the Goudhurst Inn to the Taywell Farm shop some 250 yards to the east be moved again to a site offered by Mr Donald Sargeant at the Weald Service Station forecourt.

Quarry Pond Forestry barrier gate.  This has been ordered and will be delivered for installation on site with a target date of mid September..  

The Tourist Information and History Board.  This currently in position in front of the Parish Hall.  A local resident has asked Council on many occasions that it be reinstated in its original position which was close to the edge of the Pond along West Road more or less opposite the vehicle entrance to the Goudhurst Social Club.  On a motion that ‘the Tourist Information Board should remain where it is’, of the Members present 5 voted in favour and 1 abstained.  This matter will now be taken to Council to be ratified.

Goudhurst in Bloom.  The awards will be given out on Thursday 29 August at the Star & Eagle. 

6.30 pm for 7.00 pm.  Members are asked to support this event please. 

Weed Control at Chequer Field.  Recommend to Council approval of a quote of £330.00 for herbicide to be applied at Chequer Field by Complete Weed Control against buttercups, daisies and clover.  See attached quote.

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