Goudhurst, Kent. A Wealden hill village

Amenities Committee 26 July 2016

Local Government for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtisden Green

Minutes of a Meeting held on 26 July 2016 at the Jessel Room at 7.30 pm

Present:   Cllrs Stephen Wickham (Chairman), David Boniface, Mrs Angela Broom, Alan Foster and Antony Harris.  The Clerk.

Also Mrs Laura Napper (Tenterden Twilight Cleaning Co) for the first item.

Apologies: Cllrs Phil Kirkby (business) and Tom Malt (holiday).

Balcombes Hill Toilet Block.  To note progress on improving this public facility:

The new larger capacity litter bin outside the toilet block has been a success in reducing the amount of litter blowing about.

Mrs Napper reported on the petty vandalism that has been occurring. It is mainly in the afternoons.  Her method of dealing with the problem is to simply clear up after them and the perpetrators will eventually get bored.

It was noted that PCSO Dave Jenkins has been paying particular attention to certain vehicles parked nearby.

The Clerk will discuss with Hurstway installing full length metal plates to the men’s toilets cubicles as a deterring to those who have been boring holes in the wooden doors.

The Clerk will consult other Parishes on how they deal with petty vandalism at their public toilets.

The Committee thanked Mrs Napper for the high standards of her cleaning team and for watching out for vandals.  Members asked her to include the extra time she has spent in her next invoices.

Balcombes Hill Car Park – Parking Orders.  Certain aspects of this matter were clarified and the Clerk will follow up with KCC Legal to have new Orders issued that will largely be the same as those in effect when the car park was under TWBC ownership.

Goudhurst History Board.  Noted that is now in place on the lawned area on the north side of Goudhurst Parish Hall.  Members commented on the excellence of the oak frame and the general presentation.

Goudhurst In Bloom.  Cllr Mrs Angela Broom reported that there had been more entries than in previous years.  She expressed her thanks to Mrs Gill Wallis-Hosken for giving her time and expertise to judge the competition.  The Clerk will produce the awards certificates and the presentation ceremony will be held on Thursday, 01 September at 6.30 pm in the Star & Eagle.

The meeting closed at 8.40 pm.

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

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