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GPC 10 December 2018, Item  6a

Minutes of a Meeting held on 27 November 2018 in the Jessel Room

Present: Cllrs Stephen Wickham (Chairman), David Boniface, Mrs Angela Broom and 

Chris Ditton and Alan Foster.  

Mrs Jayne Russell (Adviser) .  

1Member of the Public   

Apologies were accepted from:  Cllr Phil Kirkby.  

Declarations of interest:  None declared.

Questions and Statements from the Public.  There were none.

Play Area in Back lane

The Chairman read out a report from Laura Sinfield, one of our advisers, on the play area.  Repairs have been carried out to four pieces of equipment, the picnic bench and the bench. We are still awaiting a replacement slide for the main climbing frame which is proving difficult to source. Two spring animals and two swing sets have been removed. A meeting has been arranged with a playground equipment supplier on 13 December 2018 to discuss quotes for replacement swing sets and also advise on a wider revamp of the play area.

Jayne Russell, Pre-School chairman and another of our advisers, showed the meeting a plan and drawing of a proposed new shed [about 4×6 m, similar footprint], to replace the existing tin shed. The committee liked the look of the design. She asked if GPC could check to see if PP is required and also to inform Canterbury Diocese about the proposal. The Pre-school have been fund raising to cover the cost of the new shed. She also asked if holes left by removal of the spring animals could be filled with something more substantial than the sand already used. Chairman  to action.

Jayne asked and it was agreed that a bench in memory of Norma Neal could be placed in the play area. It was noted that there may be Section 106 monies due to help finance a new playground from any future housing development in Goudhurst.

Tourist information board and other notice boards

Following Council Minute 151/18 of 13 August 2018. Cllr Chris Ditton reported that a working party had met to discuss various notice boards for the Plain area. He outlined some initial ideas around relocating existing and making new boards to cover history, tourism, hoppers line and others. Size, style, content and location to be decided,  possibly to include a dedicated paved information board area on the Plain. Recommend to Council that the working party proceeds along these lines and draws up detailed plans including costings to present to Council.

Goudhurst Parish Hall Trust 

Recommend to Council to approve a grant of up to £5000 to Goudhurst Parish Hall Trust towards the legal costs of changing their status to an incorporated organisation. Before the grant is awarded, GPC requests that Parish Hall Trust obtains three quotes for the proposed legal work and also investigates whether the existing trust structure can be retained if liability insurance can be obtained to financially protect trustees. 

Balcombes Hill Toilets

Following several recent incidents of vandalism at the public toilets, Amenities Committee recommends to Council that Cllr Phil Kirkby researches a stand-alone CCTV system in and around the toilet premises, taking into account current legislation and good practice in relation to surveillance around public toilets. Expenditure of up to £1,000 to be agreed by Council and it was noted that this project needs to be finalised urgently.   It was also recommended to Council to proceed with a feasibility study to convert the toilet block  into GPC offices whilst still retaining a minimal public toilet area.

Red Phone Kiosk for a Goudhurst Defibrillator

A request was made to purchase an original red telephone kiosk from Yorkshire, to use to house a defibrillator in the centre of Goudhurst on the site of the present (little used?) modern style BT kiosk.  Recommendation to Council is not to purchase the kiosk. The committee thought that other central village locations should be considered for a defibrillator, such as outside Parish Hall and also that the cost including purchase, transport, minor renovations and installation, as well as removing / disconnecting the existing phone box needed further consideration. 

‘Lost Words Kent Campaign for Books in Schools’ (see attached e-mail of 28 November 2018).

Council to consider approving a modest grant to this project.

The Meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

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