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Minutes of a Meeting held on 27 March 2018 in the Jessel Room

Present: Cllrs Stephen Wickham (Chairman), David Boniface, Mrs Angela Broom, Chris Ditton, Antony Harris and Alan Foster 

2 Members of the public.

Apologies were accepted from:  Cllr Phil Kirkby (unwell)

Declarations of  interest:  None 

Defibrillators in the Parish

Mrs Georgia Read-Cutting briefed Council on the current situation and on her plans for the future.  This follows her address to Council on 12 March 2018.  The unserviceable (water damaged) defib from the rear wall of the Star and Eagle has been passed to the Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT) to see if it can be refurbished.  If it is going to be reinstalled at the same place by law it will have to be in a heated and waterproof box.

The cost of a new defibrillator is around £2,000 and the running costs are about £30.00 a year..

There is grant funding available from the National Lottery and Kent Fire & Rescue.

Mrs Read-Cutting is willing to assist with applications for grant funding but such applications will have to be in the name of Goudhurst Parish Council.

Each defib when installed has to be checked weekly and Mrs Read-Cutting is willing to do this but she will need a trained volunteer to cover this task when she is away.

It was agreed that the order of preferred sites is:  1. The Primary School.  2. Old Parsonage Surgery. 

3. Lurkins Rise/Bankfield Way/Culpepers.  4. Curtisden Green (maybe Bethany School).   5. The Plain, Goudhurst with the current ‘modern’ BT phone kiosk removed and replaced by a classic red phone kiosk (available at about £2,500 from a BT accredited supplier).

Cllr Antony Harris will check whether Bethany School would support the installation of a defib there.

Mrs Read-Cutting emphasised the importance of public involvement in this important project for the Parish.

Despite the likely availability of grant funds, it will be important to raise public interest by fund raising.

It was agreed to recommend to Council that this Defibrillator Project is supported.

The Glebe Fields

Lease Agreement.   Following Council Minute 390/17 of 12 March 2018, we still await a response to Council’s proposals.

Lower Glebe Field Extra Gate.  Chairman Amenities Committee has met our Architect on site and he will submit a Planning Application on Council’s behalf.

Top Glebe (Village Green) vehicle entrance gate.  The Clerk is arranging for an updated quote for the establishment of a new gate to be installed once the lease agreement with the Diocese is signed.

Chequer Field

Transfer of the Title from TWBC to Goudhurst Parish Council.  We continue to await a response from TWBC who, we believe, are checking some outstanding matters with KCC. 

Christmas on The Plain 

Cllr Antony Harris reported that he had unofficially approached potentially interested parties in establishing a 20 to 25 ft Christmas Tree at the Plain.  The initial responses have been good.  St James’ Place may be willing to sponsor the tree.  The plan is to encourage more activity at the lower end of the High Street in events and to get more people and the Village traders involved. Council will seek someone to run the project and to liaise with the Friends of St Mary’s.

The Silent Soldier. 

The Royal British Legion has a nationwide project to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War.  To mark the occasion they have produced metal silhouettes of a soldier of that period.  Goudhurst has one and the Goudhurst Branch of the RBL would like to display it at Goudhurst War Memorial until December 2018.  Recommend to Council that permission be granted.

Extra Litter Bins

It is evident that the Parish could do with more, particularly in areas where we have litter hot spots.  The old one in Back Lane by the Children’s Play Area is inadequate and should be replaced.  Amenities Committee recommends to Council that this proposal be approved with extra bins being introduced slowly as budget provision will allow.  It was noted that TWBC will not pay for emptying ‘extra’ bins over those that already in existence and Council will have to take out a separate contract for this service.

Play Area in Back Lane adjoining the Church Room.

Council will be taking responsibility for this once the Glebe Fields lease is signed.  The existing equipment need an expert inspection and Chairman Amenities Committee, Chairman Youth Committee and the Clerk will be meeting an Inspector on-site on 26 April 2018

TWBC Amenities Lorry.

It was noted that TWBC has billed Council, as agreed previously, for a 50% share of the cost of the Sunday Amenity lorry at Balcombes Hill, Curtisden Green and Kilndown. 


It was noted that Council has not had a proper tree survey done of trees on its land (including the two Churchyards) in recent years.  Amenities Committee recognises that this is best practice from  governance and insurance points of view.  Recommend to Council that this be put in hand. 

The meeting closed at 8.40 pm 

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