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Goudhurst, Kent. A Wealden hill village

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at the Jessel Room, Goudhurst on Monday 08 June 2015 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:    Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Mrs Carol Ash, Mrs Angela Broom, David Boniface, Alan Foster, Sean Gilder, Philip Kirkby, Tom Malt, Barry Noakes, Guy Sutton and Stephen Wickham.
                     County Cllr Alex King until 7.45 pm and Borough Cllr Edmund Hastie until 8.05 pm.
1 Members of the public until 7.40 pm.
058/15    None received.         

059/15    The Chairman reminded Members of their responsibility to any Declarations of Interest on Agenda items for this meeting and any changes to their Register of Interest Declarations.
060/15    It was resolved that the Minutes of the Annual meeting held on 14 May 2015, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed as a correct record.

061/15    Mrs Barbara Stafford expressed thanks and appreciation for the good work carried out by Cllrs Alan Foster and Phil Kirkby for attending to the repair of the clock atop the Parish Hall.  The weather vane will be repaired and reinstalled when funds permit. 
062/15    Mrs Stafford asked that Council should press the Diocese of Canterbury to sell the Glebe field land to the Parish Council.   Council reconfirmed that this was raised with the Diocese in recent discussions.

063/15    Cllr Alex King reported that he is monitoring progress on the reduction of the B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane speed limit.
064/15    Kent County Council Division Boundary change proposals.  Minute 032/15.  Members expressed concern that, under Boundary Change proposals, Goudhurst Parish will be moved away from Cllr King’s (Tunbridge Wells Rural) Division to the Cranbrook Division; the excellent relationship developed over many years will be broken.  However, Members recognised that the shift in population numbers made it difficult to argue against the proposal.
065/15    Cllr Edmund Hastie reported that he may be able to assist with some grant funding towards the repair and re-installation of the weathervane on the Parish Hall roof, the cost of which is estimated to be in the region of £3,000.

066/15    Transfer of Committee responsibilities
1.   The management of the Chequer Field grounds maintenance and legal issues should remain with the Amenities Committee but that relations with and the activities of  Goudhurst United FC and the Goudhurst & Kilndown CE Primary School including the use of the pavilion should be taken over by the Youth Committee;
2.   The management of the Glebe Field grounds maintenance should remain with the Amenities Committee, but matters such as the establishment of a youth shelter and youth activities on the field as well as the Fete should be taken over by the Youth Committee;
3.   The management of the Lurkins Rise Play Area should remain with the Amenities Committee but activities at the Play Area should transfer to the Youth Committee.067/15           Appointments to Committees
067/15    Appointment to Committees.  Following Minute 037/15.  Further adjustments to the Committee appointments as requested by individual Members were made by resolution.      

The Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported on a Committee meeting held on 28 May 2015:
068/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Transfer of Ownership.   It was noted that Council’s legal adviser, Mrs Corinne Browne of Buss Murton, is in correspondence with TWBC.   It was noted that the transfer of the titles of the Car Park and the Lavatory Block will be dealt with as two separate items – although TWBC is only willing to grant one payment of £1,000 towards the Parish Council’s costs.   
069/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Recycling Bins.  It was noted that Council’s legal adviser has reported that TWBC proposes to retain the land on which the 5 recycling bins stand.  Resolved:  The Clerk is to inform our legal adviser that the Parish Council strongly resists the TWBC proposal and wishes to take ownership of the whole car park and toilet block area and is readily willing to lease to TWBC at a peppercorn rent the area on which the recycling bins stand. 
070/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Buses turning.  It was noted that TWBC has no formal arrangement with the bus company.  It was resolved that the Clerk will establish contact with the bus company management with a view to following up any issues once the transfer of ownership of the car park is completed.
071/15    Goudhurst Public Lavatories at Balcombes Hill - Transfer of Ownership.   As for Minute 068/15 Balcombes Hill Car Park. 
072/15    TWBC Amenity Lorry service.  It was resolved that the Clerk will brief our legal adviser to include a provision for the fortnightly Amenity Lorry to park on the car park once it is in Parish Council ownership.
073/15    Goudhurst Public Lavatories – Cleaning and Maintenance.  It was noted that TWBC has indicated that any existing arrangements of the servicing of the lavatories will be terminated on completion of the transfer.  It was resolved that the Clerk will contact TWBC Head of Environment and Street Scene to obtain details of the existing arrangements.
074/15    Chequer Field Maintenance.   The Amenities Committee Chairman reported that he had visited Chequer Field recently and found a marked improvement since Capel Groundcare had taken over.  The pitch has been scarified and the turf in in the goal mouths repaired.  More work is required to the south end goal area.
075/15    Chequer Field Pavilion. It was resolved to approve   expenditure of up to £250.00 for work by B&K Electrical to move the hot water switch from the utilities room to the Referee’s room and to replace a damaged gravity grill.
076/15    Chequer Field legal issues relating to the transfer of the freehold to the Parish Council. Minute 079/14 refers. To note that the Clerk has been in touch with TWBC Legal department and is following up.  Chairman Amenities Committee and the Clerk recognise that the plans relating to the transfer of the title to Council appear to be incorrect or at least open to misinterpretation.  They have been in touch with a GPS Mapping company with the intention of obtaining a pin-point accurate plan of Chequer Field to compare with the TWBC plans to highlight discrepancies.  Resolved:  to approve expenditure of £575.00 for ACAD Mapping plus £100.00 Ordnance Survey fee to provide a very accurate definition of the Chequer Field boundary to highlight any discrepancies with the TWBC plans.  This will enable to proceed in constructive negotiation with TWBC.
077/15    Chequer Field Leylandii Trees to be removed in the north west corner. Noted that the Clerk has obtained 1 quote (£1,029.00) and is awaiting another.
078/15    Chequer Field Shed for GUFC kit.  Noted that the Clerk is in touch with our usual contractor for a site visit to mark out where the base for the shed will stand.  The base should be 1790 x 2980 mm for the agreed Tate shed.
079/15    Chequer Field Planting.  It was noted that Cllr Mrs Angela Broom has recently purchased additional perennial plants costing £44.90.
080/15    Chequer Field fencing. The top wire on the fence behind the pavilion has been cut between the posts 8 and 9 from the entrance gate.  Noted that the Clerk is in touch with Pete Watkins to arrange repairs.
081/15    Chequer Field: Kent Air Ambulance.  It was noted that the Air Ambulance used the field to land their helicopter on a recent Sunday.  It was resolved that Council offers them the combination for the entrance gate lock to enable them straightforward stretcher access.The Clerk will action this.
082/15    Chequer Field: Health & Safety issues.  For health and safety reasons Amenities Committee believes there is a need to ensure that no glass is allowed on the pitch or perimeter on any occasion (including any parties and the school end of year celebrations).  It was resolved that Chairman Amenities Committee will raise the matter with the Head Teacher at Goudhurst & Kilndown CE Primary School and the Clerk will do likewise with the Manager of Goudhurst United FC.   It was agreed that a simple ‘No glass on the field’ sign will be obtained by the Clerk and affixed to the pavilion wall.
083/15    Chequer Field:  Potential damage to the Chequer Field pitch.  Amenities Committee believes there is a need to ensure that no vehicles are driven on the pitch without Council’s prior authorisation.  This is to protect the pitch from damage.  For instance, at the school end of year celebrations when Council understands that an ice cream van, a lorry with a trailer for a bouncy castle, cars delivering gazebos, etc. may be planned.  Tent pegs from gazebos etc. may also require consideration.   Resolved: Chairman Amenities Committee will raise these matters with the Head Teacher.
084/15    Chequer Field: Letting out Chequer Field for ‘private’ events e.g. children’s birthday parties.   The Clerk has requested that Council adopts a clear Policy on this.  Aspects of this had been discussed by the Amenities Committee; the opinions of local residents, the opening and closing of the facility, insurance and the imminent availability of Glebe Field as a Village Green..  It was resolved that the Clerk will draft a Policy for Council’s approval that Chequer Field will only be available to Goudhurst United FC and events under control of Goudhurst & Kilndown CE Primary School except for special occasions approved by Council.
085/15    Glebe Field.   It was noted that the Chairman Amenities Committee and the Clerk together with the Vicar of Goudhurst and Kilndown had met the Diocesan Land Agent on 20 May 2015.  The Land Agent, having declined a request for Goudhurst Parish Council to purchase the freehold of the land, indicated that he would now prepare a draft lease for consideration by the Parish Council the terms of which were very similar to those agreed verbally 2 years ago.  It was noted that the application by a group of Goudhurst local residents to register the ‘top’ Glebe Field as a Village Green was granted by Kent County Council on 19 May 2015.
086/15    Lurkins Rise Play Area.   It was noted that the replacement main vehicle entrance gate and one gate post have been ordered.  It was noted that the Clerk has met with Mr Pete Watkins and briefed him to replace or repair the fencing at the east end of the field with strong post and rail with a stile.  Meanwhile the problem raised by local residents of youths riding motor cycles on the ground has been passed to PCSO Dave Jenkins.
087/15    The Plain fence posts. The Clerk reported that he has had some responses to the invitations to bid.  So far only one contractor can do both the post replacements and the painting.  The Clerk will report further.
088/15    Quarry Centre Ownership.  It was noted that the Clerk is in correspondence with Council’s legal adviser, Mrs Corinne Brown of Buss Murton. She has a file of the documents relating to the history and current unclear ownership of the Quarry Centre building. She will advise Council on the best way to establish ownership of the Quarry Centre and then arrange for the transfer of the Quarry Centre freehold title to a newly formed Trust. The transfer will include clauses that cover any future sale of the property or the failure or winding up of the Trust in the future.  Former Parish Cllr Mr Clive Roberts has prepared a draft Trust agreement which has been approved by Buss Murton.   It was resolved to  reconfirm that Goudhurst Parish Council will meet the Quarry Centre Management Committee’s costs relating to the setting up and registration of the new Trust Deed and the transfer of the title to the new Quarry Centre Trust.  Minutes 242/13, 184/13 and 312/12 refer.
089/15    Goudhurst in Bloom.  It was noted that Cllr Mrs Angela Broom has produced some eye-catching posters and flyers which she is distributing widely in the Parish.  Judging will probably be on 7th July this year.

The Chairman of the Youth Committee reported on a Meeting held on 21 May 2015:
090/15    Youth Shelter.  In view of the change in status of the Glebe Field, the Youth Committee will explore the installation of a youth shelter or similar. This will be progressed between meetings.  It was noted that the Youth Committee has been building up funds to cover such a project
091/15    Chequer Field.   Cllr Phil Kirkby will approach the contractor who is now maintaining Chequer Field for the costs for marking out a junior pitch within the adults pitch.  A colour other than white will be used.  Noted that Goudhurst United FC have verbally agreed that they have no objection.
092/15    Kilndown Little Squirrels Pre School.  Youth Committee has received an appeal from this Pre-School detailing a short term cash flow problem but also some reassuring details of current and future child numbers.  They are aiming to raise £5,000 to £7,000 through their own efforts.  The Youth Committee had discussed their plight fully concluding that the management team of the Pre-School is sound  and Youth Committee are sure the future prospects of the group look in safe financial and educational hands.   Youth Committee seeks approval by Council of a one off grant of £574-25 to cover a full terms rent of the hall.  Such a grant will be paid to the Kilndown Village Hall rather than the Pre-School.  Council has the power to make this grant under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, Section 19.

It was resolved to note the following Decisions from TWBC and agree the Representations:
093/15    DECISIONS
15/502607       Bethany School Jarvis Lane Goudhurst
                        New residential 6th form building
15/502243       1 Clay Cottages Clayhill Goudhurst
                        Listed Building Consent: Replacement of existing modern style timber windows with purpose made timber windows
15/501577       3 Beresford Road Goudhurst
                        Loft conversion with rear dormer and addition of a velux window
15/500938       Old Post Office Cottage Curtisden Green Lane Curtisden Green
                        Single storey rear extension, loft conversion and internal alterations
15/501006       Bethany School Jarvis Lane Goudhurst
                        Wooden covered walkway and 4 wooden hexagonal gazebo shelters
15/504117`      Old School House Beresford Road Goudhurst
Alteration and extension to form 2 for bedroom semi-detached houses
15/503052       1 The Retreat Lidwells Lane Goudhurst
                        Retrospective – Retaining wall

094/15    APPLICATIONS considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee in May 2015:
15/502675       Whites Bedgebury Road Goudhurst
                        Replace dilapidated stables with replacement unit incorporating secure storage; install new entrance gates; form yard/hard standing for safe access
                        Recommend refusal
                        Goudhurst Parish Council notes that there have been several amendments to the earlier refused scheme (14/504047):
•     The re-siting of the manure store away from the boundary fence is to be welcomed;
•     The reduction in the number of stables to the same as existing is an improvement;
•     The height of the garage and machinery store has been increased by a metre; this will inevitably increase the impact of the proposal;
•     There is no plan of the new entrance gates
      It would seem that these changes do not overcome the reasons for refusal of the previous scheme.
15/503109       Middle Cottage North Road Goudhurst
                        Oak framed orangery extension to rear
                        Recommend refusal
                        Goudhurst Parish Council has serious reservations on this proposal.   The form of the proposal will appear alien to its setting and its attachment to the listed cottage will compromise the integrity of the host building.   Conservation officer should advise on the proposal.
 15/503166      Bibury Cottage Riseden Goudhurst
                        Demolition of existing outbuildings.  Two storey rear extension, pitched roofs to replace flat roofs on existing rear first floor extensions including remodelling and renovation, and porch.  Construction of garage and store block.
                        Recommend approval
                        This property, having been unoccupied for a number of years is in dire need of repair and renovation.   The proposed scheme of updating and extension would appear to be acceptable.   The proposed replacement of the derelict outbuilding with new building is appropriate.
15//503614      Park View North Road Goudhurst
                        Listed Building Consent:  Replacement of 8 windows at the front, side and rear elevations
                        Recommend approval
                        Subject to the views of the conservation officer, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that this application is approved
095/15    It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:
DDR    Southern Electric                                 Energy to Chequer Field                                             £98.08
3606    AVB Farnfield                                      May 15 pay and expenses                                     £1,337.19
3607    HM Revenue & Customs                      May 15 PAYE and NI                                              £453.87
3608    Groundscare & General Services           St Mary’s mowing contract May 15                      £1,204.80
3609    Capel Groundcare                                 Contract mowing at Goudhurst and Kilndown Apr    £730.50
3610    Peter Watkins                                      Christ Church lower area mowing                             £105.00
3611    Microshade                                          Citrix Invoice 8260                                                   £51.60
3612    B&K Electrical Contractors                 Chequer Field pavilion maint                                    £244.08
3613    Capel Cottage Nursery (Mrs Broom)    Chequer Field planting                                                £44.90
3614    Homeleigh Timber (AVB Farnfield)     Timber for PROW stiles                                            £72.45
3615    David Buckett                                      Internal Audit 2014-15 fee                                      £434.25
3616    KALC                                                  Clerk training day                                                      £72.00
3617    NP Seymour                                         Goal Post storage Chequer Field                               £389.71
3618    Communicorp                                      Local Councils’ Update subscription 2015/16             £75.00
3619    Earth Anchors                                     PROW marker posts                                                £565.44
3620    Goudhurst Scout Group                         Goudhurst Fete pitch                                                  £30.00
3621    Viking                                                  Stationery                                                                  £94.62
3622    Kilndown Village Hall                           Hire of Hall on behalf of Little Squirrels Youth        £574.25
DDR    NatWest                                              Bank charges                                                              £70.00
DDR    Veolia                                                  Burial Grounds bin May 15                                       £144.55

096/15    Receipts in May 2015      
               Burial Board                                                                      £3,380.00
               NatWest: Interest May 2015                                                   £1.82
               TWBC Precept 1st half 2015-16                                     £41,150.00

097/15    Bank reconciliation to end May 15Noted that Council’s cash book balances total £100,055.38

See Minute 064/15.

098/15    Arrangements for dealing with Code of Conduct Complaints about Councillors – proposed removal of the 3 month rule.  Members noted a consultative e-mail of 18 May 2015 from the TWBC Head of Legal Partnership and Monitoring Officer.  Some Members expressed the view that the 3 month rule should be retained whilst others noted that there are separate criteria in the procedure which will ensure that complaints are not accepted about behaviour which took place long ago. It was resolved on a majority vote that this Council agrees that the 3 month rule be removed.

DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS                                                                          
099/15    Monday 13 July 2015     Parish Council Meeting.  7.30 pm in the Jessel Room

The Meeting closed at  9.29 pm

Clerk to the Parish Council
Anthony Farnfield MBE

Freedom of Information Act policy document
copyright © 2015 Goudhurst Parish Council