Neighbourhood Development Plan

Questionnaires seeking views on current and future planning policy have now been distributed throughout the parish. The document can also be completed from the link below. A survey for businesses is running in parallel. Both questionnaires need to be completed and returned by the end of June. The survey seeks views on new development, housing design, roads, community, environment and village facilities. Open to residents of 14 years of age and over.
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Once a plan is adopted, it will mean that planning decisions for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtisden Green will have to be made in accordance with the neighbourhood plan (and other parts of the development plan) unless material considerations indicate otherwise.
There is pressure both from central and local government for an increased number of homes to be built in all parts of the country, even in those which have permitted little development in the past.
Formulating a plan will create a framework for future development that meets the wishes of parishioners.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan is planning document created by a parish or town council or a neighbourhood forum, which sets out vision for the neighbourhood area, and contains policies for the development and use of land in the area. Neighbourhood plans must be subjected to an independent examination to confirm that they meet legal requirements, and then to a local referendum. If approved by a majority vote of the local community, the neighbourhood plan will then form part of the statutory development plan.

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