Goudhurst Pond

Updated 08.10.2017
The pond at The Plain in Goudhurst is being de-silted for the first time in over 50 years. Silt accumulation, duck and fish waste have decreased the depth of the water to a critical level, as well as reducing water quality.Goudhurst Pond, The Plain, Goudhurst, 50 years ago
After receiving professional advice, the Parish Council has decided that silt removal is the best option.
Starting with the removal of the fish by professionals, the draining of the pond began in the week of 24th July. It is now being left to dry as much as possible. 
Heavy machinery will be needed to move around 600 tons of silt. There will be some traffic disruption in the area of the Parish Hall driveway as lorries are loaded.
Finally, the Pond will be refilled by natural means and fish returned.
Parish Cllr Stephen Wickham says: “Our apologies for any inconvenience but our view is it is a job that must be done as part of the prudent maintenance of our conservation area.”
“We have selected a very experienced contractor to carry out the work and they will work so as to reduce disruption to a minimum.”
From the Parish Council’s September meeting notes:
“The Contractor has reported a hold-up in the Environment Agency giving the final permission for the removal of the silt to local farm land. It seems unlikely that the planned date of the week of 25 September for the work to be carried out will now be met. It could be put back to the second half of October 2017”