BROADBAND IN GOUDHURST: Special Report. Updated 27.02.2016
Faster broadband speeds up to 25Mbps are available in Goudhurst village, following the completion of Kent County Council’s contract with CallFlow Solutions.
The top speed of 25 Mbps costs £36.93/month, with a connection fee of £29.99 and a 40Gb/month download limit. Households with teenagers regularly viewing YouTube are advised to subscribe to the CallFlow Plus service at £41.99/month to increase the monthly quota to 200 GB.

Comparable deals : BT: £22.49/month for the first year, then £35.99/month, Plusnet: free broadband for 12 months, then £33.48/month, Sky £34.40/month after first year, TalkTalk: free broadband for 18 months, then £25.20/month, EE: £42.45/month. All can provide unlimited downloads, and all have introductory deals of either half price or free broadband for an initial period. Many offer packages which reduce the cost if you take additional services, such TV and mobile phone, or are an existing customer. Installation and delivery fees usually apply, and there are circumstances where an installation fee can be quite hefty if no phone line has been installed previously.
All suppliers apart from CallFow offer identical speeds of “up to” 8Mbps.

Although the network runs officially at 25 Mbps, actual speeds are higher at just under 30 Mbps. This higher rate is only achievable when by-passing the wifi of CallFlow’s supplied Billion BIPAC router.

CallFlow LogoTo subscribe to CallFlow, cancel your existing broadband and phone contract, then transfer services to CallFlow by supplying a MAC code, which your existing supplier will give you.
A business package of “up to” 40 Mbps is available for £179.98 per month, with an £80 connection fee.
There is an 18 month minimum to all residential and business contracts.

If you are connected via an existing copper cable, your actual broadband speed depends on the distance from CallFlow’s cabinets in the village, and the quality of the wiring in your house. Speeds will be lower than the “up to” advertised maximum. The further you are away, the greater the loss of speed, this can be considerable in outlying areas. Houses with many old extension phone sockets may need the services of a telecoms engineer. (This though applies to any broadband supplier)

More advanced “superfast” fibre optic broadband offering speeds of up 76Mbps is not yet available in the village.

CallFlow’s up to 2 Mbps upload speeds are relatively  low, at between 3-8% of download, much slower than other internet providers, where upload speeds are typically between 10-25% of download. This limitation becomes noticeable when sending large email attachments such as photos. Upload speed is not significantly better than Goudhurst’s older ADSL2.

More information is available from CallFlow on 0800 280 0590.
CallFlow Website for Goudhurst and Kilndown