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Minutes of a Meeting held on Tuesday 18 October 2016 at Kilndown Quarry Centre  

Present:  Cllrs Barry Noakes (acting Chairman), Mrs Angela Broom, Mrs Susan Newsam, and Guy Sutton.

Also Mr David Nichol (Adviser).

Apologies: Cllr Antony Harris (business)  and Rev Hugh Nelson (Adviser)

Declarations of Interest

There were none.

Churchyard and Burial Grounds Maintenance

The Clerk reported on matters arising during the walk-round:

St Mary’s Churchyard Wall damage at the High Street end.   This is in the hands of the Diocese of Canterbury and the matter is being followed up by St Mary’s PCC.

Foot Gates at the east end of St Mary’s Churchyard and on the north Churchyard wall (opposite the 

Weavers Cottages).  It was noted that the two replacement foot gates have been installed and there has been favourable comment.

General Grounds Maintenance.  No problems.  The hedge at the eastern curtilage of the lower area of the Churchyard has been cut.

Brick Footpath across St Mary’s Churchyard.  The Clerk reported that he has written to the TWBC Conservation and Urban Design Officer to seek advice on how to deal with the uneven brick surface which the Clerk considers is a ‘slips and trips’ risk.  Furthermore a site meeting is to be held on 31 October 2016 with a lighting contractor to consider how best to light the path to improve the safety and convenience of pedestrians.  This meeting will also consider the Church flood lighting proposals.

Budget 2017-18

Members agreed to submit to Council for agreement an expenditure budget of £17,200.  This is an increase of £650.00 or 3.9%.  The income budget will remain unchanged at ££7,750.00.

However Council may wish to include a sum for the repairs and/or lighting to the St Mary’s brick footpath once the results of the site meeting on 31 October with the lighting contractor.

Clean Up Day 22 October 2016

The Clerk reported that he expects a good turn out to support this activity including Mr Ed Bates with his expertise with his chainsaw and other equipment..  The Friends of St Mary’s will also be attending.  Mr Will Thompson of Horden will be providing a huge trailer to take away the arisings.

 The meeting closed at  8.05 pm

Clerk to the Parish CouncilAnthony Farnfield MBE

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