Goudhurst Parish Council Precept for 2017-2018

Goudhurst Parish Council has announced an increase in their Council Tax precept for 2017-2018.  The Parish element of the Council Tax bills for a Band D property in the Parish will rise from £64.37 to £112.28, an increase of 74% (£0.92p per week).

For next year your Parish Council is planning to de-silt Goudhurst Pond (last done more than 50 years ago) followed by the renovation of the post and rail fencing at the Pond.  There is a need to replace the current CCTV systems as the current equipment has reached the end of its useful life.  We plan to introduce a portable Speed Indicator Device that can be moved from site to site around the parish to reduce traffic speed.  We have some work to do to improve the drainage at Chequer Field so that the young footballers, who are increasing in number, have a really good facility.

We still have plans to take on a long lease from the Diocese of Canterbury on the Glebe Fields (the top part is now a Village Green), gate it for security and improve the maintenance of the fields through weed control and better land management practices.  The children’s play equipment at both Back Lane, Goudhurst and the Millennium Green at Kilndown both need money spent to maintain safety standards.

The brick path next to Goudhurst Church

The brick path across St Mary’s Churchyard (above) has been identified as being a ‘slips and trips’ hazard and your Council is taking advice on improving both the surface of the path and suitable lighting.  We need to carry out further improvements to the Balcombes Hill toilet where the automatic hand washing equipment is over 25 years old and failing.  Youth groups have asked the Council for a youth shelter to introduced in a suitable place.

The Chairman of Goudhurst Parish Council Cllr Antony Harris said:

“As had been reported  to the community several times during the year in the Parish News and discussed in detail at the November Parish open meeting, a number of significant changes are occurring simultaneously which means that a revision of the Parish financial base has become inevitable. We are now absorbing the full cost of running and maintaining assets transferred from Borough to Parish, we are conducting and must pay the cost of the Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan and expect to finally acquire the 30 year lease of the Glebe field (Village Green) after many years negotiation.

“I explained our plans for the next couple of years at a recent open public meeting and those present were supportive. It was clear that, in spite of spreading costs over several years; the wishes of the community can only be met by paying for them.  Sitting back and doing very little was not viewed as a viable option”

For any further information, please contact:
Anthony Farnfield
Clerk to Goudhurst Parish Council

01580 212552
[email protected]
09 December 2016