Goudhurst Pond

The Parish Council has plans in place to de-silt the pond at The Plain in Goudhurst for the first time in over 50 years. Silt accumulation, duck and fish waste have decreased the depth of the water to a critical level, as well as reducing water quality.
Goudhurst Pond, The Plain, Goudhurst, 50 years agoAfter receiving professional advice, the Parish Council has decided that silt removal is the best option. There will be some disruption around the pond area from diggers and trucks. Fish will be temporarily removed, to be returned at a later date.
Cllr Stephen Wickham says: “Our apologies for any inconvenience but our view is it is a job that must be done as part of the prudent maintenance of our conservation area.”

The de-silting project has been re-scheduled for Autumn 2017.